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Adult ADHD - taking medication for it

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Serenschintte Sun 02-Feb-20 09:11:36

Hello. I was diagnosed with ADHD Before Christmas. Now lots of things in my life make sense. Im female and struggle with attention, impulsive towards food and stress makes things a lot worse. Also struggling with motivation towards things I want to do but just can’t get started
Im wondering if people have taken medication and find it helps and how?
Thank you

AdorableMisfit Sun 02-Feb-20 09:19:49

Hi OP. I can't really answer from my own perspective as I'm not diagnosed (but pretty sure I have ADHD. We're abroad at the moment so I don't think I can pursue diagnosis until we return to UK).

However my brother in law recently got diagnosed at the age of 45 and he says medication has really helped him. He said it's made it easier for him to make decisions, not eat too much food, be on time for things, save money, etc.

Serenschintte Sun 02-Feb-20 11:58:09

Thanks @AdorableMisfit Yes that’s what I’m considering it for. Have a lot going on at home with kids and no family support and my my concern is I’m kind of coping st the moment and will it help. But that sounds positive. Thank you

MovingTowardsANewPositivity Sun 02-Feb-20 12:56:14

I was diagnosed with ADHD in March last year at the grand old age of 46 grin and I now take medication for it.

Medication has been life changing for me grin! I am much more able to manage my life. I am a calmer, more rational parent, I am becoming better organised, I'm eating more healthily, exercising more, and my house has never been so clean or decluttered... it took a while to get the right dose of the right medication but it was 100% worth it from my point of view.

I am feeling positive and hopeful about the future and slowly, one day at a time, learning more about myself and what makes me happy, rather than spending every day just trying to 'survive'smile.

The only downside so far for me is that my dh is not so sure about the 'new me'...he is a little unsettled by my sudden urge to do housework and keep the house tidy, as I have always been 'lazy' and untidy according to him... but I feel like my medication is freeing me to be who I always was inside (I just didn't have the executive functioning skills before to make these changes).

My dh has always been resistant to change and I am hoping he will be more accepting and supportive in future, especially as we're pretty sure he also has ADHD and is on the waiting list for assessment...although he says 'he might not bother going' as he doesn't see this as a positive change for me sad

I think he may be concerned I will de clutter him... I just want him to feel the benefits of knowing that there's a reason we find certain things tricky, and there is a way to help - the meds - that I feel are of massive benefit, especially to our children (who also have ADHD). I am, as my new username says, moving towards a more positive life. We shall see!

Serenschintte Sun 02-Feb-20 14:08:11

@MovingTowardsANewPositivity thank you! This is also super helpful. I have so many ideas in my head but somehow I just can’t do them.
And ive realized I spend a lot of time helping others but not myself. If you see what I mean.
Can I ask what medication you are on?
I think I’m going to go back to the lady who diagnosed me and get some medication.
I just got so upset this afternoon as the relatively simple things I want to start I just seen unable to start them. Losing weight for 1 and starting my own business. I’m just sort of drifting.
Im 41. Dh, luckily, is supportive of my idea to take medication. Sometimes though I feel like he sees me as a project to be fixed. He wouldn’t agree. But it’s how I feel.

MovingTowardsANewPositivity Sun 02-Feb-20 17:56:49

I take Elvanse, it's lisdexamphetamine and lasts about 8-10 hours. It's fabulous!

The very first day I tried meds (methylphenidate) I tried to describe how it felt. Inside my brain had always been like living in a 2 bed terrace house owned by a hoarder...just so much stuff...I took the meds and half an hour later it was like walking into an empty was really odd, kind of echoey... and I wasn't sure I liked it at was so quiet!

Within a couple of days I realised the benefits, I can hold an entire conversation and remember what I and the other person are saying, I can finish jobs that I start (I still sometimes have to push myself to start at all if I am not keen on what I'm going to do, but once I start I finish!) smile I have implemented a new little job each day to do round the house and I am still doing them since January 1st shock, my house looks lovely.

I used to have a really rubbish diet, far too many carbs and 8-10 cups of coffee every day... not good as I also have type 2 diabetes... and now I drink decaf coffee, eat normal meals, normal snacks and don't binge eat in the evenings, I have lost about 7 kg since I started meds, am almost down to my 'ideal' weight and I am doing my 8000+ steps most days grin

I tried methylphenidate first but it was too 'up and down' for me, Elvanse is smoother, and as long as I remember to eat enough protein it lasts all day. I am productive, happier and more able to be myself smile I feel much less like a hamster on a wheel in a sinking cage these days!

Have a look on at the different types of ADHD medication and if you think about what you are hoping for from meds, you might know which may help you more. Talk to your medical professional though as there are reasons why some meds are better than others for different people. There's mostly a choice between stimulants (either methylphenidate or lisdexamphetamine based) which work for 70-80% of people and are usually the first choice for that reason, or non-stimulants eg Stratterra. There are others but usually it's between these three in the UK I think.

Everybody is different, my ds takes methylphenidate and it helps him focus and feel able to concentrate more at school, my dd is now also taking Elvanse and it suits her well too, although she does have more difficulty sleeping if she takes it after 8am (she has always had trouble with getting to sleep though).

The only negative side effect I had was a mouth like the Sahara desert for at least 4-5 weeks, particularly every time I went up a dose, but I just drink more now and it has worn off.

Good luck! It's really good your dh is supportive, I am hoping my husband sees that I am so much happier now and comes to terms with the new organised me!

Serenschintte Sun 02-Feb-20 18:17:13

Thanks. I really do appreciate all the replies. Plenty of food for thought.
I really like the idea of being able to get things done and sort my weight out.

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