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My sons EHCP rejected by council

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Emmak789 Sat 31-Aug-19 19:50:42

Hi Mumsnetters,

I am hoping some of you have some experience with this. My son is 3 and still not talking more than single words, not toilet trained( not for lack of trying) he has tantrums that go on for hours and obsessively opens and closes doors to the point all my kitchen cupboards are falling off.

He got funding for 15 hours placement at nursery for 2 year olds (we work and would not normally get it) because of his delay in development and had support from the Portage team, he also gets DLA at the lower level. His assessment is on going but because of budget cuts he is on the wasting list for speech therapy and its 18months wait before we can get group therapy. 121 therapy just isn't available.

We did an EHC plan with the nursery but the council's special needs department rejected it because they think he is improving! They said I can appeal and get an independent mediator. I'm a bit daunted by this and really upset as its obvious to me he still needs support. I appreciate councils have had cut backs and need to prioritise needs of children with greater need but I am just so worried my son will not improve with out extra help. Also they have an obligation to support children with special needs regardless of the severity. What should I do? My son didn't get a place in a special needs nursery, has a nursery place at a school and due to start next week, should I just wait for him to go to school and see how things go? Should I speak to the school and ask for a new EHCP or go through the appeal process? He's going to school nursery and he can't talk and cant go to toilet and dislikes people touching him, likes to be on his own all the time and has lots of worried he wont cope and wont get the support he needs. Any advice and experiences shared would be appreciated.

Mary19 Mon 02-Sep-19 16:16:15

Hi. I would post this on the sn children’s board as there is more traffic. I would try and make an appointment with the school SENCO and his nursery teacher before he starts. I would also contact one of the agencies who help such as SOSSEN, IPSEA and NAS. I have never had much luck getting through to NAS

Emmak789 Mon 02-Sep-19 23:53:43

Thanks Mary19

BackforGood Tue 03-Sep-19 00:08:17

I wouldn't 'just wait and see how things go'.
Has your current Nursery not done a supported transition for him into the new Nursery?
I would definitely make an appointment with the SENCo asap - the Nursery will still make adjustments for him even though he doesn't have an EHCP yet.

Ellie56 Sun 10-Nov-19 20:48:38

I'd appeal. A lot of councils turn down first time applications for EHC Needs assessments as a matter of course, then back down once parents appeal.

Thereshegoesagain Sun 10-Nov-19 20:55:09

Always appeal.

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