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Any help please - finding planning meals & food shopping really hard due to ADD

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Poppysball Fri 09-Aug-19 16:09:11

Posted in housekeeping too as wasn’t sure where the best place was. I have ADD and so I find organising and planning difficult. I have tried to meal plan and do a once a week online shop but it never lasts. My brain can’t seem to think ahead further than today when it comes to planning a week’s worth of meals. Recently I have been going to the supermarket every day and, as its school hols, I have been taking one or more dc with me which is even worse as I am focussing on them and not what I’m buying and then come home with half the stuff missing! The other day I went and got all the stuff for a chicken meal but forgot the chicken!

It’s not helped by the fact they are fussy and don’t all like the same food. I am trying to look after myself better and eat healthier and really don’t want to eat all the stuff they do. Sometimes I end up cooking us all different things or I end up having pizza/pasta again because it’s easier but I don’t want to eat this stuff.

Aswell as the dread of going to the supermarket every day, I am spending too much as of course I am buying other things I didn’t plan for.

Because I find it difficult, I hate doing a big food shop and find just being in the shop overwhelming, but equally I am sick of going there every day especially with dc’s in tow!!

Please can anyone help? I know this must seem like such a basic, simple task to most people, but it isn’t for me and I’d appreciate any ideas to make it simpler.

BertieBotts Wed 13-Nov-19 16:03:26

You're not alone. Sorry this section is a bit quiet, which might be why your post has been missed. You could try reposting in Food?

Do you do online shopping? I would highly recommend that. It means that you can spend as long as you need to refining what you want. If you get a Tescos delivery pass you can even have unlimited deliveries.

I'm having a bit of a medication fuzz at the moment, I do have more ideas for you, but I can't articulate them so I will come back. But online shopping is my first tip for you.

DonPablo Wed 13-Nov-19 16:11:06

Write a master list of all the meals you like or cook, laminate it.

I make an a4 sheet with the days on and the the right spaces for the info I want it to contain. So we have lots of afterschool and weekend stuff going on as well as various work commitments. So I draw it up like a table. Leave it empty and photocopy it a few times.

Then, using your laminated master list, complete the schedule and meal plan. Make a list of what you need to make those meals and order them online.

So, for example, mine says

Weds. Kendo ds1, dh out. Early tea. Pizzas and salad.

Thurs. Parents evening, dsis baby sitting. Make a cottage pie in two halves. Half one to be cooked by dsis and we'll cook the other half when we get in.

Fri. Curry. family Smith coming. Buy red wine!

Hope that helps.

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