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Has anyone had an assessment for adult ADHD and NOT got a diagnosis?

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WhiskyandRed Wed 19-Jun-19 16:20:02

I first started thinking that I might have adult ADHD when I heard Shappi Khorsandi talking about her diagnosis on the radio about four years ago. I immediately had that feeling of ‘OMG this is me!’ But didn’t think to do anything about it. This year has been so busy and demanding and now I’m barely coping. I can’t do my job, I’m not coping at home and I’m feeling more and more isolated because I just can’t keep up with my friends.

So finally I did a bit of digging through old school reports, etc., then went and spoke to the GP, who was lovely, said I sounded like a ‘textbook’ case. NHS referral takes 1-2 years in this area so GP suggested I go private and I now have an appointment... but I’m suddenly getting cold feet. What if I’m not ADHD enough? It’s a lot of money to pay to be told there’s nothing really wrong with you, you’re just a bit of a mess. But also I’m now so invested in this idea as an explanation for all my struggles — I think it would be really crushing to discover that there’s no explanation and no support available.

So... has anyone gone through this process and not got the result they expected or wanted? How did you cope? Any advice very welcome! Thank you.

minisoksmakehardwork Sun 23-Jun-19 21:20:56

No idea I am afraid but I have an appointment to speak with my GP next week as learning about our adhd children has set off a massive lightbulb moment.

WhiskyandRed Mon 24-Jun-19 19:56:50

Thanks for replying and good luck with your GP appt.

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Mon 24-Jun-19 19:58:50

I suspect if you're paying for it you'll get the diagnosis you want!

tobee Tue 25-Jun-19 15:32:36

Really Milk?

minisoksmakehardwork Wed 26-Jun-19 13:06:34

So lovely and supportive @MilkTwoSugarsThanks!

@WhiskyandRed. You might find you can transfer into the nhs system once they've seen you privately. Check your area as very few do adult assessment etc. Luckily mine is one which does so I've decided to hold out for the NHS for now.

BlankTimes Sun 30-Jun-19 16:08:36

I suspect if you're paying for it you'll get the diagnosis you want!

Have you any evidence to back that up? I suspect a lot of professionals who diagnose adults would be appalled at someone questioning their professional integrity.

Are you aware that some of them who have a private practise also work for the NHS ? It's possible the OP could be assessed by one of these professionals.

Do you really think they'd stake their reputation on giving a dx to anyone who paid and assessing people differently on the NHS?

WhiskyandRed Mon 01-Jul-19 10:05:18

tobee minisok and Blank you are all right. The person who I’m going to see is the same person I’d see if I waited for NHS diagnosis. I really don’t think that this person is going to diagnose me incorrectly. If I thought I could just pay for the diagnosis, what would be the point of the thread?

I’ve done lots of google searches and read lots of posts by people who have been diagnosed unexpectedly later in life. But none of people with suspected ADHD who turned out to have something different, or who showed some traits but were on the right side of it not having a major impact on their day to day life (which is a requirement for assessment). Thanks to everyone for replying.

minisoksmakehardwork Wed 13-Nov-19 11:22:33

@whiskyandred, I do hope you are getting in better than I. I have just had a phone call from our practice manager as the GP did not do my referral! It was done yesterday as a matter of urgency, but this is 5 months after it was supposed to be done.

BertieBotts Wed 13-Nov-19 11:27:08

When I was assessed I had to have lots tests and thyroid checks done to see if my symptoms were as a result of a physical issue or deficiency.

I had the same fears as you, but I decided that if they said no, it's not adhd then I would press and ask why do I struggle with XYZ, what can you suggest as a next step?

Don't expect too much from diagnosis though. It has helped me but it doesn't take away the problem. I still have ADHD, medication doesn't help me very much (enough to be worth it) and there doesn't really seem to be any therapy/support. I do find a lot of support online, which is good.

TBH if even your gp says you are a textbook case I doubt it will turn out to be nothing!

WhiskyandRed Wed 13-Nov-19 22:36:59

@minisoksmakehardwork I’m so sorry to hear about your long wait. I found it unbearable waiting after I had my assessments, like I just went into a massive funk and couldn’t do anything at all... but, I did get assessed and I have been diagnosed. Hope it all works out for you.

@BertieBotts I’ve recently started medication and I do definitely notice a difference but it’s no magic bullet. It’s still possible to lose keys/forget appointment/ procrastinate/ whatever else. But I do notice that once I get started on a task, I can keep going with it for much longer on my meds. Yep, I agree with this, diagnosis was a bit of an anticlimax for me because there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of therapy/support. I would definitely recommend this book though I started it, then lost it, then forgot about it, and now should find it and keep reading.

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