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Autistic 2.5 year old, pattern of speech development

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montermum Sun 24-Mar-19 13:04:48

Hi, my son was nonverbal at 2, now has a lot of words in his vocabulary, and started saying colors, alphabets, numbers and a lot of single words, but mostly not clear, he tries to copy even songs or rhymes but seems only hums along, no clear words. Need stories or experiences of parents who went through the same. Thanks

emalymay Thu 23-May-19 17:50:46

Hiya, my little boy Charlie started with the usual babbles and mama n dada etc but started regressing just after he was 1 along with other mile stones and food etc. He's now at just turned 4 repeating whole episodes of Ben and holly and can ask for certain things he wants but all are understandable to us but not other people If that makes sense? Hes starting at an sen school in Sept and he'llget daily 121 speech therapy so i imagine we'll see some progression xx

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