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Autism and coping with change

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SingaSong12 Fri 22-Mar-19 09:29:18

I’m starting a new job. That comes with a whole host of new stuff. However my current issue is dealing with finishing the volunteering I do. It feels like a cosy safe blanket.
I’ve already decided not to stop today (Friday) and make it a Monday.
How do you cope with these sort of changes? I wish I was NT, at least these next couple of weeks (or maybe forever.)

SconesandTea Fri 22-Mar-19 11:47:16

Hi, not diagnosed but I know what you mean. I find structuring in something(s) else helps -especially involving seeing familiar people. Now isn't the time for taking on more new stuff. Can you drop back in to old volunteer place once you've figured out the new job to say hello etc.

SingaSong12 Fri 22-Mar-19 17:40:40

Unfortunately not as I’m moving city.

today after I finished thought I don’t want to have goodbyes. I’ve gradually been doing them with the other volunteers as they all volunteer on different days. Now it would be the full timers who are paid.

That’s hard. There was a paid job at the place i volunteer and I didn’t get it. That’s hard to deal with, though it’s only three staff out of 25 that made the decision.

I don’t feel bitter, a bit upset at the manager. I didn’t ask for feedback, or if I had to have it asked for email so I could process it. However he told me the problem was my interview. I was ok when I thought there was just someone else better suited to the job. Now I have to deal with thinking I was best and it was my fault because I mucked up the interview.

I think I may send an email instead of working a last day. I can say goodbye without getting upset or any fuss. I hate fuss.

I have personal email for a couple of the volunteers and can keep up that way.

SconesandTea Sun 24-Mar-19 13:38:43

Sorry to hear that you had that experience.

That doesn't help you as you don't have specific feedback that might be helpful to you. Do you feel you could still send them an email to request specific feedback? What were the positives and weaknesses? Don't forget- it could have been a hair's breadth between you and the other candidate. Onwards and upwards smile Good luck with the move.

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