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Diagnosed - a ‘Coming Out’ party

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Allfednonedead Wed 13-Mar-19 16:25:47

I just got a dx of Aspergers today. I’m looking forward to my new life where I no longer pretend to be Ms Sociable, and I was wondering what an ASD Coming Out party would look like.

I’m picturing a venue with lots of comfy squishy sofas and armchairs. There will be loads of books and WiFi, so no one has to talk to anyone if they don’t feel like it.

No general sound system obviously, but headphones will be available for anyone who likes to listen to music.

There will be a variety of canapés and drinks, but not TOO much choice, because that’s overwhelming.

Any other partygoers want to join me?

EchoLocation Thu 14-Mar-19 09:20:38

This sounds like my ideal party! Can I have a craft table in the corner please?
Congrats on your diagnosis (if that's the right phrase?!!) flowers

LeekMunchingSheepShagger Thu 14-Mar-19 09:22:19

Me!!! I'm not diagnosed but dd1 is in the process of it and she really is a mini me. I will need a fleece blanket on my comfy sofa please!

Allfednonedead Thu 14-Mar-19 12:31:09

Fleece blankets are a lovely idea, and a craft table can certainly be organised.

FriarTuck Sat 16-Mar-19 11:26:53

And a table with a jigsaw (that no-one but me can touch!)? Preferably in a separate room so that people can stick their heads in occasionally and wave but where I can just get on quietly...

toffee1000 Tue 19-Mar-19 00:26:42

I’d add some rooms with animals in, if people like dogs/cats/rabbits/guinea pigs/that kind of thing. Each species in its own room. So if you like guinea pigs (me) you can chill out with them, have cuddles, and even chat to other guinea pig lovers if you so wish, you don’t have to obviously.

FloodedCuticles Tue 19-Mar-19 00:37:52

Is Aspergers still diagnosed in some areas then? Interesting if so as we have been told as a family that it’s not diagnosed anymore.

AlunWynsKnee Tue 19-Mar-19 00:43:55

I'll be at the bar, drinking too much and oversharing blush

LegoCake Tue 19-Mar-19 01:18:40

I hope none of the party food will be touching each other. Lots of food rules in this house smile

Congrats on your coming out wine

toffee1000 Tue 19-Mar-19 12:46:29

When I was diagnosed I was given the dx of autism spectrum disorder, with an Aspergers “profile”. I guess that means that under the old system I would have been diagnosed purely with Aspergers, as opposed to ‘classic’ autism.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Tue 19-Mar-19 12:50:29

This sounds like my kind of party.
I would be on a sofa reading books with possibly a dog for company.
I also like watching films in company.
Or plotting non violent revolution.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Tue 19-Mar-19 12:52:04

I literally cannot understand why food would touch.
Deconstructed food is the only food trend I can get behind.

I ate somewhere recently where the Chantilly cream had surprise whisky flavor in it.
I will never trust cream in an establishment with a tartan carpet ever again.

Allfednonedead Tue 19-Mar-19 13:15:33

@FloodedCuticles I believe the US DSM IV has eliminated the different varieties of the autistic spectrum, from Aspergers to PD-NOS, but I guess it hasn’t been universally taken up here.

Our local children’s service just says ‘autistic spectrum disorder’. Some places say ASD with levels (I think 1-4). It’s all a bit hit and miss.

Now, it’s lovely speaking to you all, but I need to go sit on my own for a bit. Enjoy the party!

toffee1000 Wed 20-Mar-19 14:12:05

Yep, the DSM V (published in 2013) brought all the separate diagnoses under the general “autism spectrum disorder” label. The ICD 10, which is more in use here, still retains the separate diagnoses. There is an ICD 11 that will be published soon, which is expected to be in line with the DSM V.

LetsPlayBamboozled Sun 30-Jun-19 17:18:09

I am newly diagnosed this week and delighted that the foods here will not be touching each others. gin Cheers! Both food comments really made me chuckle. I would like to sit on a comfy chair in a very peaceful, light, airy room whilst people say "you must be so overwhelmed" and I nod vigourously but am not expected to expand on that unless by way of a one way monologue of oversharing grin

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