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ilovesprouts Mon 25-Feb-19 15:40:28

My ds2 has been very violent to me lately today hes attacked me twice really bad Where He has kicked and punched me my who body aches and has bee stinging plus I'm suffering with mental health and dreading when the next attack will be I dont get any help with him at all hes 12 and non verbal

Mummyofasquarepeg Sun 10-Mar-19 06:35:31

Does he has a diagnosis of autism or anything? I would start off by speaking to the senco at school and they can contact or give you some numbers of people to help or your go. Raising a child with autism is very tough on parental mental health, I’m just coming out the other side now. There is help out there but it seems that parents have to go and find it for themselves. You are not alone. Big hugs xx

Mummyofasquarepeg Sun 10-Mar-19 06:36:30

Sorry and contact your GP not your go

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