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Can Someone Help Me Identify The Right Kind OfEmployment?

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BovrilOverkillOhMyInsides Thu 10-Jan-19 03:29:16

Hello, first time I've started a thread.

My kids and I have now moved in with my partner; we have bought a small place together.

I am officially not on benefits anymore. Which is a huge relief - so much less paperwork, calls and assessments to worry about.

But I've not had a proper job since I got back from maternity leave when my eldest was six months old (eldest was 11 last August).

For background, though actually it's always at the fore - I have Endometriosis (which may or may not be on my bowels, oww), fibromyalgia, cfs/m.e, ADHD, I didn't complete my ASD assessment due to change of psychiatrist and the stupid system at that clinic, depression, anxiety, OCD, I wear two hearing aids, I have sensory processing issues, I have an injury to my back which is only just being acknowledged by the docs.

I've wanted to work for years. I've had some voluntary jobs and my university employed me as an ambassador but when I ceased studies, my job ended.

I have many skills but essentially I cannot be stood up much, walking is very hard without constant breaks, I can't do lifting, I'm shit on the phone because of my hearing (I have auditory processing problems), I zone out, I get distracted. It takes me longer than most to pick something up but once I know it, I know it. I don't take criticism well at all. I get overwhelmed easily. I'm very arty, I have an off and on web comic, I paint and draw but I'm not a pro, I'm very practical and good at organising where things should be. But my hands and back seize up easily and at home I struggle to prepare food, clean, etc. If that helps you work out what I might struggle with.

I know that once a workplace got to know me, they'd probably like me after a while but I don't even know what jobs to go for. I've applied for some and either been outright rejected or I've found out at involves physical work I can't manage. I can't remember how to use spreadsheets etc, otherwise I'd be applying for admin and data entry. Id be quite happy pootling along on a computer.

I don't want to work from home. I never get out. I have very little life.

I drive. No points.

Only stipulation is that I have to be able to get my youngest to school for 8.50am and pick her up at 3.15pm week days. My mum could help sometimes. Oh and I'd be better working tues to friday, I have commitments on Saturday mornings, and my partner is off on Sundays and it's important or are each other.

It's not the end of the world if I'm not employed, just means tightening purse strings. But it would make things much easier, the kids do one club each and they're not free. And I'm dying to feel normal.

I have full GCSEs, many small qualifications and a foundation degree in English and History, with a merit grade. I'm very academic.

Where do I even start. For context, I asked the job centre's disability employment advisors for help and they sent me away and told me to get some therapy and sort my medication first. I've not been back.

BovrilOverkillOhMyInsides Thu 10-Jan-19 03:30:54

*important we see each other

MotherOfDragonite Thu 24-Jan-19 21:38:22

Your main limitation will be the school hours.

Can I suggest that you start by volunteering? It's easier to fit the hours to your needs when you are volunteering, and it would give you an idea of whether you like particular environments, types of work, etc. It would also give you the chance of a reference from the person managing you, which is a great asset when you've been out of the workforce for a while.

It sounds like you are interested in a lot of things, and would be capable of doing many types of office work.

Have you thought about volunteering with your local NHS trust? They often have a good volunteer program and you can choose from different roles including back office / admin (you might have to specify that a role like reception or one fielding phone calls would be unsuitable). There is usually an application and interview process -- which might also be really good practice for you even if the voluntary work wasn't suitable for whatever reason.

There are probably other opportunities local to you that I don't know about, but just thought I would start by suggesting volunteer work and the NHS specifically.

Good luck! You have all sorts of exciting possibilities ahead.

MotherOfDragonite Thu 24-Jan-19 21:40:51

Maybe also worth contacting your local FE colleges about a refresher course on Excel? It does sound like admin and data entry could be something you could be very good at (you mention being good at organising and being happy doing something on a computer).

Again, the great thing with a course is that as well as getting the knowledge, you'd give yourself the chance of a reference from your course tutor...

MumUnderTheMoon Sun 03-Feb-19 11:07:46

Like you I have multiple medical diagnoses, I am also bright and capable however i have come to realise that for a lot of employers I am not employable. I have commitments to my dds care and am often unwell. Maybe you could volunteer at your child's school or try and find an employment agency that specifically deals with people with disabilities. Marks and spencer used to run a scheme where disabled applicant could work for a trial period in lieu of an interview so that they could see the applicant in action you could contact their head office and see if they still do this. I also know that lush and apple are some of the best companies to work for if you have a disability. Are you receiving disability benefits?

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