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Asd and gdd

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Whereartthouname Sun 06-Jan-19 12:43:36

Hi my son is 5 and has gdd and asd. He talks like a robot in a brittish accent. We are Australian. His delay si about 2.5 years roughly. Anyway to the point. He has been at day care pre school for 3 years with the same kids and doesnt remember thier names. 3 days a week... i puled out his photos today to see of he wanted to invite friends for his first birthday party (never had one and is turning 5 in a month) he doesnt have any outside school friends bit educators tell me he plays with the kids at school. Anyway goong through the photos he didnt know anypnes names even his teachers. He only knows 2 teacher names. He remembers family members names. Is this typical of asd or gdd?

Whereartthouname Sun 06-Jan-19 12:44:15

Sorry about all the spelling errors!

AltogetherAndrews Sun 06-Jan-19 13:03:29

DS is 10, ASD and ADHD. He decided to give his classmates Xmas cards for the first time ever this year, but couldn’t remember most of their names, and he has been in a class with them for 6 years. He has an English accent, smdespite us not living in England, and on occasion drifts into an annoying American accent he has picked up from YouTube.

It’s just who he is. He isn’t interested in birthday parties, so we don’t do them. Seems well liked enough by his classmates, who all look out for him. As long as he is happy, I don’t worry about it. Friends and parties are about my expectations, not his needs or wants.

Mummyofasquarepeg Sun 10-Mar-19 06:29:58

My son is nearly 6 and never talks about other people. He does know his teachers name though. He is about the same developmentally as your son. My son has been diagnosed with autism too but they were unsure as he is very sociable but there were other autism symptoms present too such as sensory issues, stimming and echolalia. Xx

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