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Direct Payments

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childrenwithneeds Wed 02-Jan-19 19:04:31

Hi there.

I receive 6 hours (£72) a week in direct payments for my DD.

A friend of mine receives for her son. She uses the money for entertainments/day trips etc and pays the Carers ticket/admission out of this money.

When I enquired, I was told although I could pay for my DD, I couldn't use the money for Carer/parent ticket...

We are both in same borough, so it's def not one borough or another, but just wondered if anyone else received direct payments and used the money for taking their child out and what else you use the money on. To clarify, I cannot pay a Carer or agency as my DD would not go with anyone, so currently use it for a weekly social club and summer holiday club through registered companies......


TheLittlePicker Mon 07-Jan-19 10:09:51

Often there is a free carer’s ticket. For the national trust there is a free carer or up to two free carers. You always have to ask about the carer’s ticket as it is not always publicised widely.

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