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Brain won't shut up and let me sleep

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Veganforlife Wed 19-Dec-18 05:07:56

Every night I wake at 1/2 am and that's it ,my brain will not stop and I can't get back to sleep.i have to have a large tia Maria to get off to sleep in the first place.any ideas ..I'm utterly exhausted

Stevienickssleeves Wed 19-Dec-18 05:10:28

I listen to a familiar/boring audio book, works like a charm

Veganforlife Wed 19-Dec-18 05:14:42

I can't concentrate on anything at the moment..I was thinking of getting a music thing with headphones and listening to music but I think I'd get in a tangle with headphones

Veganforlife Wed 19-Dec-18 05:17:59

My friends little boy has melatonin...I'm thinking I might try to get some.dont know if it works on adults.

BlackeyedGruesome Thu 20-Dec-18 07:22:24

alcohol will work at first, but as you have found then wakes youup after...

shouldwestayorshouldwego Thu 20-Dec-18 07:27:39

I have a speaker pillow which is great. I prefer spoken voice - radio 4 podcasts are great. With music I can still think but with words it is harder to hear both a podcast and your inner voice as they compete. Lots of people do like listening to music though.

Veganforlife Thu 20-Dec-18 17:17:41

Thankyou for your replies.i had run out of alcohol so last night I had none and actually I slept though for the first time in clearly I need to knock that on the head.
The pillow I will look out for x

SerPants Fri 21-Dec-18 21:33:43

I have similar problems and have found CBD oil helps- DH takes it for chronic pain and suggested I try it as lots of people use it for insomnia. I don't always sleep for that long, but feel like I've slept more deeply and have loads of energy in the day.

AquarianSquirrel Fri 31-May-19 13:47:06

I second cbd oil. Only tried small amounts which has a general calming effect but know a few people who've tried it and it's helped with pain and it's supposed to be good for insomnia. Got my boyfriend some for his birthday so watch this space for if it helps his insomnia (he has autism) x

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