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Express anxiety/panic differently to neurotypicals?

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tobee Fri 30-Nov-18 00:04:47

My dd, diagnosed with autism recently, says she reacts to anxiety atypically. She says looking up anxiety symptoms don't really match her symptoms. None of the heart racing, sweatiness etc. She just wants to leave a situation. Presumably the flight response.

So, if I was panicking, I might feel sick, dizzy, pounding heart etc. Which I can rationalise and learn to ride out.

I was wondering about mumsnetters experiences of anxiety and how they deal with it. With dd it seems to go from 0-90 mph in no time.

citiesofbismuth Thu 06-Dec-18 00:09:33

I'm autistic and in an almost constant state of anxiety with both physical and cognitive symptoms. I take propranolol and sertraline to take the edge off things. I'm very good at suddenly needing to leave situations and I go from 0-60 very quickly.

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