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Can anyone recommend an ADD coach for me to see?

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Honey1975 Wed 28-Nov-18 09:36:19

I haven’t been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I have so many of the traits and I’m struggling with day to day things like organisation, keeping on top of house, kids and work.

I would like to find a coach who might be able to help me with some practical advice. I’d be happy to pay for some sessions but want to be sure I get someone who understands ADD and not justa general counsellor.

Can anyone recommend someone in surrey/hanpshire or is there a website where I could find someone to contact?

Lara53 Tue 25-Dec-18 21:15:26

Try here:

RighteousSista Thu 02-May-19 02:29:47

Try genius within - a neurodiversity support and coaching service. Nationwide

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