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Becx123x Tue 13-Nov-18 20:53:14

Hi ladies this is my first time here and really need some advice/knowing I’m not alone

My son who is 7 has had behaviour problems since he was 2, since starting primary school it’s endless phone calls and the dreaded conversations at the end of the day, he has been excluded 4times for hitting other children and I was called tonight to collect him early from his beaver club for being disruptive, he just walks out of class runs around the school has no respect for authority and will hide from teachers which is causing him to be unsafe, I went to the dr’s last year as he kept saying he was going to Kill himself or me and put a knife to his sister, he was referred to pedi but still waiting, Although that has calmed down his behaviour hasn’t it’s actually escalating he struggles to make and maintain friendships, says he has no friends, no one likes or listens to him and doesn’t get any attention, when that’s all he gets at home and school and I try my best for most of the time that’s positive attention.

I’m just at my wits end, makes you feel like a crap mother and I don’t know where to turn, school keep calling me in and I just don’t know wht to say to them to help..just feeling really down about it 😞 thank you for listening x

LozLand Fri 18-Jan-19 09:01:19

Hi I'm also new here too & came across your post. It sounds like your son would benefit better in a Special educated school where they understand the needs of your son much better . Does your son have a diagnosis & a statement of SEN at all?

SwearyInn Sun 20-Jan-19 22:05:07

Though I have Asperger's I don't have any advice other than you have posted in the "Mumsnetters with SN" section so you may not get as many responses here.

I think posting here may be more helpful

I really hope you find the support you need.

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