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Autism Support Units?

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OnePotato2Potato Sun 04-Nov-18 22:16:54


I'm looking for clarification please. I have recently come to the realization that I might have ASD. (Initially I had thought I was an introvert, then a highly sensitive person, now am considering ASD confused my mind is all over the place!)

I'm considering going to a GP to get a diagnosis but just happened to come across an article written by Alexis Quinn

I am an anxious person anyway but this terrified me. Is this realistic?

What is the benefit of getting a diagnosis? When I was reading up online it felt like finally someone actually understood what it was like in my mind.

Will having a diagnosis get social workers involved in my life if they think it could affect my parenting?

Thank you for reading

wictional Tue 06-Nov-18 13:55:57


I am the same as you, and got my diagnosis this summer. Not had an awful experience like that poor woman though; hopefully that’s very rare!

MumUnderTheMoon Tue 06-Nov-18 23:57:20

What happened to that lady was disgusting though we do only know one side of the story I suppose. I can't imagine that what happened to her is common. Realistically people with serious mental health conditions and suicidal ideation can get treatment in a unit so it seems unlikely that you will get locked up after being diagnosed with autism. I had to remind myself of this after that particular article.

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