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Any adults here with ADHD who take Ritalin?

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SerenitySeagull50 Sat 15-Sep-18 09:45:21

Just that really... I only got diagnosed in Jan this year, I wasn’t sure about the diagnosis at first but once I started the Ritalin I couldn’t believe the difference.

I take a lower dose than I could because I don’t like the feeling of being slightly dulled on a higher dose - but it means I still struggle with being organised to some extent and often feel confused about situations where I should up the dose etc..

Would be lovely to chat to anyone in a similar situation..

lborgia Thu 08-Nov-18 09:45:05

Hi there, someone more helpful might come along, but meantime I took Ritalin for 3 months and the change was amazing, but unfortunately I got the side effect of anxiety, so moved onto Dex/ speed. Certainly with both I had to mess around with dosage a bit. You may find that after a few weeks it's worth going back and trying the higher dose again?

Good luck, and congrats on getting this far!

Posthistoricmonsters Wed 19-Dec-18 20:13:54

Not Ritalin, no. I was given Concerta XL which is the more modern slow release kind.

Unfortunately the side effects for me included a permanently overactive bum (constant quick trips to the loo during uni classes, grr) and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. It was affecting my CFS/M.E in that I was expected to take it every single day at the same time without fail, but I have to take one or two 'rest days' a week, to cope with everything and the extreme fatigue (because the fatigue sets everything else off and I'm often immobile as a result) and being on C-XL stopped me being able to rest. At first it was exciting to not feel so sleepy. Then I realised I was burning out so very fast.

BertieBotts Wed 19-Dec-18 20:16:01

Hoping to start in spring, I'm on a waiting list. I'll come back when I find out, I'm the meantime, reddit ADHD forum is good for this kind of question although they will assume you have immediate on demand access to your prescribing doctor.

DitchyMcAbandonpants Wed 29-May-19 13:00:42

Yep - 72mg per day, extended release. (dx'd comorbid ADHD/ASD)

It's changed my life. My biggest issues are over-stimulation and debilitating anxiety around other people, particularly in a confined space (waiting rooms, small offices, aeroplanes etc). For me, it really helps reduce the white noise and confusion that comes with every tiny thing grabbing your attention and ratcheting up the anxiety of being watched or feeling like you're not blending in.

For me, side effects are minimal - slight loss of appetite and I need to make sure I take it at the right time in the morning, otherwise I've had a couple of occasions where it's worn off during times of high stress, and I've crashed. Learnt how to work with that, so it's not a problem any more and working in an office with other people is not only tolerable, it can even be pleasant smile

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