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Autistic people - what jobs do you do?

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Oddgirlout Mon 15-Jan-18 08:01:57


I’m after some experiences - if you’re an autistic person, what do you do as a job? I’m struggling to find something suitable. Ideally I’d be self employed but I’ve not got many options there too. Unfortunately I’m rubbish with numbers - which would otherwise open up a pile of self employed jobs to me. One of my big problems is sticking with things, I seem to live an episodic life!

Anyhow, examples greatly appreciated!

Frusso Mon 15-Jan-18 11:00:25

I also have trouble sticking with jobs. I am qualified to work with children, but struggle with sensory issues around sound and touch, so not really the best job for me.

I also struggle working as part of a team, (think office job type thing) I need breaks where I am alone, and past basic small talk I struggle with disinterest. And I can't do constant cheerful.
I currently work nights in a factory. Minimal contact with people, but not completely isolated. But it is repetitive. Which can be boring at times but at least I don't panic about not knowing what I'm doing and I don't have to chat to people all day.

I think I would do well working with animals, if I was younger I'd consider zoology or something like that. or history, say like working at a stately home or historical castle. Something where I can regurgitate facts to people, and don't have to keep up a mask all the time as I won't see them again.

I do find agency work good, and take short term placements, it means I'm not too tied into one job.

That probably didn't help much. I guess the point I'm making is to learn what you can and can't cope with, and try to find a job that suits your that and your personality.

Oddgirlout Mon 15-Jan-18 13:34:10

Thank you, that is helpful. I am very similar to you, I think.

PleaseDontGoadTheToad Thu 08-Feb-18 23:29:20

Right now I am a SAHM but before that I worked as an admin assistant. Out of all the jobs I've had I would say that was the one I fitted into the most. It may sound a bit dull and uninspired but I liked it because the hours were always the same and my work environment was very structured and there was a routine to everything.

PleaseDontGoadTheToad Thu 08-Feb-18 23:29:59

Meant to say I'd previously worked in retail and catering. Hated both of those.

AuntyJackiesBrothersSistersBoy Mon 08-Oct-18 19:45:57

I was a nurse for 26 yrs. From Junior Staff Nurse to Senior Sister.

WhenIWasAYoungWarthog Mon 08-Oct-18 19:48:57

I’m currently a sahm but previously worked in conservation. It was my dream job - I would sit on the edge of a cliff and count seabirds. Then go round the site taking random soil samples and walking the coast path to report any erosion or broken gates/ steps. It paid a grand total of 11k per year but if I would have done it for free if I could have.

MumUnderTheMoon Wed 14-Nov-18 22:26:28

I'm a full time Carer for my dd at the minute but previously I worked in fashion retail, in a cinema, in bars and other similar jobs. None lasted longer than a year as I find it difficult to maintain working relationships (or any other kind of relationship). What about night shifts lots of stores will be looking for staff to stock out over Christmas. This way you get to try a new environment but you know it's most likely temporary so it takes the pressure off. Stores like smyths toys, toys r us, the Disney store, lush, next and other places take night staff and you might also get a nice staff discount.

Bluedish Wed 21-Nov-18 00:26:40

I do part time work from home as a website developer and also part time work on a farm.
I never was able to keep a job for long but since getting a working from home one it's made work life so much easiee as I can control my set up, the noise etc.

citiesofbismuth Thu 06-Dec-18 00:21:19

I'm a nurse. I work nights in a care home. Can't cope with hospital work and day shift is too much for me now. I can only work part time, two nights a week, sometimes only one. I had more energy when I was younger, but struggling now in my late 40s in terms of energy and chronic health related issues.

I'm fine in a professional, caring role, but I don't like small talk with colleagues and tend to keep myself to myself which isn't difficult because I'm the only nurse in the building overnight and the carers work in twos. I'm always friendly and helpful towards colleagues.

I have run into difficulties when I was younger and would leave jobs if they made me feel bad. I've inadvertently upset relatives, but usually only the ones who're looking for trouble or who have issues. I have a very good reputation and get along well with everyone. I've learnt to bite my tongue now and my meds prevent meltdowns.

JudgeyMuch Fri 07-Dec-18 10:59:19

I work freelance from home (after working in an office environment for several years). My line of work is suited to it and it suits me and fits around the school day.
(I realise I'm very lucky to have found my niche and be able to make a decent living from it.)

JudgeyMuch Fri 07-Dec-18 11:00:47

Forgot to say, all the office politics used to drive me mental!

Rockbird Sun 16-Dec-18 22:26:46

TA. I'm amazing with kids, shit with adults.

CaptainKirksSpookyghost Wed 19-Dec-18 10:23:28

Up untill last year i was a delivery driver, a job i'd had for 9 years.

Muppetminder Sun 20-Jan-19 19:53:33


Mental Health Nurse of 30 years standing. It is all getting too much now since moving teams. My ideal job would be working in a wool shop.

MissKittyBeaudelais Sun 10-Mar-19 21:12:36

Was a nurse for 26 yrs. Started as a student and finished as a senior sister. No longer practicing but, was very good at it, I think.

MissKittyBeaudelais Sun 10-Mar-19 21:14:05

@Rockbird, I’m the other way around. I’m utterly hopeless with babies and kids. I’m one of those women that just doesn’t have the “mummy” gene and I feel TERRIBLE about that.

Aspieteach Sat 30-Mar-19 08:37:30

I've been a primary school teacher for over 20 years.

Some things really suit me eg I'm happy in front of a class because I hate being the centre of attention when I'm just being me, but am fine when I'm in a role.

Paperwork can be a problem because of difficulties with executive function - need to have plenty of strategies to keep myself on track.

I do find an excuse to shut myself away in my classroom at lunchtime because I've had enough of being around people and need time to recharge.

Seniorschoolmum Tue 02-Apr-19 13:53:35

I run marketing for a small hi-tech co. I work mostly on my own and promote the complex stuff we sell in normal English. I have a lovely boss who recognises my strong points and knows I’m not good at working in close quarters with other people all day, every day.
I did 5 years marketing in a big corporate and hated every second - all office politics and back-stabbing rather than trying to get the work done.
Current Job involves data accuracy, target markets, budgets, attention to detail & logistics.

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