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Easter 2010 Swap sign up

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champs Sat 20-Mar-10 18:37:37

Here are the guidelines for this swap

I Copy, pasted and edited from my previous guidelines so please let me know if you spot any mistakes

1. To be included email your details (including your mumsnet name, postal address, and how you want your parcel addressed - Some people don't want to reveal their real name to us, others don't want to reveal their Mumsnet name to their family. If in doubt, just put "the mumsnetter" ) to mnswaps at yahoo dot co dot uk -- replace at with @ and dot with.

2. If you have any dislikes/allergies etc, please let me know. I'll include it with your details so your swaper can avoid getting you something you can't use or will hate.

3. You must be signed up by Monday 22nd March. I will send you your swapee details on Tuesday 23rd March (Evening)
Please note...The person you are sending to is NOT the person who is sending to you.

4. You must post your gift out so that it will get to your swapee by Wednesday 31st March.

5. You must send package by at least Second class Recorded delivery, so that packages can be tracked if lost.

6. If you are unable to get your gift out but have signed up please let me know or you may be excluded from further swaps!!!

7. Please do not put your name on your gift, you can put a return address if you want, but the guessing won't be much fun if you put your name. You can leave a clue though as that adds to the fun

8. The theme for this month's swap is Easter

9. The budget for gifts this month is from £5 - £10. You are welcome to go over the budget, but please do not expect anyone else to!

Because we seem to have more fun guessing when our gifts arrive, you can start guessing as soon as you get them. Swappers may then disclose their identities if they so wish!!

This swap is for new and unused items please keep tags attached to the gifts, prices can be removed.

If you have any probs whatsoever please do email me as most things can be sorted out quickly and amicably before they flare up

A BIG thanks to all of you who keep swaps fun xxx

champs Wed 07-Jul-10 16:13:24

did you have a wishlist as part of one of the wishlist swaps?

freya2006 Sat 19-Jun-10 18:07:19

nope still nothing

champs Fri 11-Jun-10 02:47:44

ugh!!! freya, so sorry for being away, Please tell me you got something??!!

freya2006 Sun 16-May-10 16:19:15

still nothing champs

BexieID Fri 14-May-10 00:08:33

Don't think the lady I bought for has said shes got it.

champs Tue 04-May-10 18:19:14

still nothing freya?

freya2006 Tue 27-Apr-10 10:03:48

still nothing

Gingernutlover it twas me

freya2006 Thu 15-Apr-10 11:56:43

nothing recieved here yet :-(

Tortoise Tue 13-Apr-10 10:28:17

YAY! Glad it arrived. smile Yes the kinder were indeed for your DC. I rather liked the pen too! smile

<< Tortoise looks forward to the next swap!! >>

champs Mon 12-Apr-10 02:34:29

oooops in all that waffle, I forgo to ask if you got your package yet Freya?

champs Mon 12-Apr-10 02:33:36

tortoise!! thanks so much for the lovely goodies... Postie had indeed kept it hostage over the hols and when he did come to post it... he was so quiet I didn't hear him til too late and he took it back LOL. Dh collected it for me the net day.

I got some scrummy lindt eggs.... naughty but soooo creamy, lucious lip balm/gloss in watermelon, the most fabby pen ever.... the shape is so snazzy... dh laffed at my excitement over "just a pen" heeee oh and when I opened the package it smelled all citrussy and sweet and sunshiney ooo it was a lovely lush chick ballistic. Oh and some kinder eggs which the ds's will be sure to grab when they see them, I think they were for them but I sampled one and will put some in their plastic egg hunt (yes I realise it's long overdue but dh was working all over Easter and in the week too lol)

Thanks again xxx

freya2006 Wed 07-Apr-10 17:59:11

not had mine yet..hopefull postie comes with it soon

Tortoise Wed 07-Apr-10 11:36:33

Champs - Parcel was sent Saturday, maybe delayed because of bank hols. Will check thread again when back from hols to see if it has arrived. It was sent signed for so i do have tracking number. smile

champs Tue 06-Apr-10 16:06:07

No package here yet, hopefully my postie hasn't nabbed it.

MumGoneCrazy Fri 02-Apr-10 11:15:54

Recieved mine yesterdy grin

I had a little fluffy bunny, some strawberry candles (they smell lush), a white chocolate cow (mmmm) and some kinder eggs for the DC.

Cant guess who sent it but the DC and I thank you, we had a lovely munch last night on the chocolate and I'll be having a nice long candlelit bath tonight grin

Thank you smile

Tortoise Thu 01-Apr-10 13:36:51

Finally have parcel ready to send. Meant to send it today as PO will be closed tomorrow.
Will make a quick trip to the PO Saturday morning before we go off on holiday. smile

Tortoise Tue 30-Mar-10 18:27:23

I must remember to get the last item for my swap and get it sent tomorrow! blush

gingernutlover Tue 30-Mar-10 18:21:36

yay mine just arrived

i got some yummy sweeties and a chocolate lolly mould which I shall try out next week with dd. Also a mini eggs easter egg and a colour in egg filled with chicks that dd has claimed.

Thankyou swapper all very me! Was there a clue? I can be a bit dim LOL.

MumGoneCrazy Mon 29-Mar-10 23:09:56

grin I knew my clue was too easy, glad you like your pressies grin

There was another item but I forgot to add it..sorry blush

BigBadMummy Mon 29-Mar-10 22:07:11

bugger, only just seen this thread. Have emailed but who knows if it will be too late sad even if I do put something in the post tomorrow.

Tortoise Mon 29-Mar-10 22:01:54

grin I got my swap. Yummy sweets, great socks, cupcake soap flannel set, Mummys garden sign, lip balm, and a Wales pen. grin
Was it you MumGoneCrazy? Thanks you so much. smile

gingernutlover Mon 29-Mar-10 08:36:32

I am going to post mine this morning when the PO opens grin hope i made good choices.

LoveBeingAMummy Sat 27-Mar-10 23:19:17

Count me in will email when I get to my laptop az on my iPhone right now

MumGoneCrazy Sat 27-Mar-10 23:12:39

I've posted to my swappee, hope you like it! grin

Although just after I posted it DP was unpacking the shopping bags and pointed out an item I forgot to pack blush

Have a nice time with your family Bex. smile

BexieID Sat 27-Mar-10 17:12:40

I posted mine today. I goto my mums for 2 weeks tomorrow, woo hoo! Everyone will get to meet 3 month old Erin.

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