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Easter swap?? Champs where are yuooooooooooooooo??

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champs Sat 20-Mar-10 18:40:45

hiiiii!!!!!! sorry been awol had a mad week, MIL and Mum both had OPs and kiddies all off school with yuckies.

got your email tortoise lolol

Here's sign up thread took me ages to do it just now cos the kids decided to have a free for all... would you believe I started to post it around 17:45?? hooohumm

Tortoise Sat 20-Mar-10 18:17:07

grin I have emailed Champs!

MumGoneCrazy Sat 20-Mar-10 17:24:51

grin Bumping grin

Tortoise Fri 19-Mar-10 21:33:01

Nothing wrong with being keen grin. Saves me bumping it! grin

MumGoneCrazy Fri 19-Mar-10 21:25:41

Sorry blush

Im ill and bored and getting excited about doing something fun grin

RL is not so good at mo so need some MN fun smile

Tortoise Fri 19-Mar-10 17:47:21

Mumgone Your keen! grin Hopefully Champs will get back to us soon (or i could chase her up via email! grin)<< over excited tort! >>

MumGoneCrazy Fri 19-Mar-10 14:02:57

Bumping grin

And to see if there's any news on if this is still

Tortoise Tue 16-Mar-10 12:12:46

As ginernut said Champs mixes us all up and lets us know who to send to (person who sends to you isn't the person you are sending too). There is a minimum value ie £5. Buy your swap a gift then send it. Someone else will send to you. Then we try and guess who sent it. grin

gingernutlover Mon 15-Mar-10 09:45:25

ooooh i havent done one of these for ages, got out of the habit.

Can I join in too?

scoutliam, all will be revealed soon I guess. But basically champs matches us all up anonomously and sets a costs limit and guidelines and we all get a lovely suprise through the post. Think there have been like and dislike threads too, at the end we all used to guess who our sender was, does that still happen?

scoutliam Mon 15-Mar-10 02:29:41

I'm up for it, except I've no real idea what it entails but sounds like fun!

MumGoneCrazy Mon 15-Mar-10 02:11:33

I'm dangerous grin

MumGoneCrazy Fri 12-Mar-10 23:10:20

Thought i'd killed the thread for a while there grin

Tortoise Fri 12-Mar-10 21:34:43

Bumping for anyone else who wants to join in! grin

MumGoneCrazy Thu 11-Mar-10 19:21:22

Can i play too? grin

I did one a couple of years ago it was a colour swap but then had money problems so didnt join anymore and would love to start doing them again smile

BuzzingNoise Wed 10-Mar-10 19:22:09

I'd like to take part, please! I took part in a pre-Xmas swap, and the Xmas craft swap, which were both fab.

Tortoise Wed 10-Mar-10 19:20:43

Yay! grin Hi Champs.

Charlieandlola Wed 10-Mar-10 16:56:45

Have always wondered what a mn swap is, so I guess now is the time to find out ....

champs Wed 10-Mar-10 16:56:20

oooops forgot to say helloblush

HI!! grin

champs Wed 10-Mar-10 16:55:28

lololol, must have heard you from here, just logged on to suggest the same thing!

Up for it!! Who else is in??

Tortoise Wed 10-Mar-10 12:28:24

Can we have an Easter swap? I miss Mn swaps! Champs do you fancy it? smile

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