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Pre- Christmas swap likes/dislikes

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BexieID Mon 09-Nov-09 14:06:19

Seeing as i'm all eager beaver, i'll start us off with any likes/dislikes, lol. Preggo brain me, only 6 weeks friday till due date/xmas!

LIKES: coffee chocs, dark choc mint chocs, Boots Sanctuary smellies in the orange boxes, Imperial Leather Japanese Spa smellies, love the newtons law calender/diary but seem to be hard to find them, lol.

DISLIKES: Lavender/vanilla smelling stuff, candles, any jewellery unless sterling silver as anything else brings me out in a rash!

mamadiva Mon 09-Nov-09 15:08:51

LIKES: Writing, Reading, Baths, Soap & Glory products, Simple products, Lush products, Chocolate, Bright colours, Random quirky things

DISLIKES: Any other toiletries and jewellery due to my eczema

Am pretty easy pleased can you tell

Tortoise Mon 09-Nov-09 20:11:09

Likes -
Nutty chocolate!
Maoam sweets!
Fluffy socks inc those ones that look like gloves for your feet!
Fun pens/writing pads.
Fluffy gloves.
Love fruity smells.
And anything else! I like funky surprises!

Dislikes -
Coffee flavour chocolate.
Anything lavender!
Dark chocolate.


ChilloHippi Mon 09-Nov-09 21:10:40

Socks (as long as they go up to a size 8 blush)
Candles, joss sticks and smellies (esp Lush!)
Soft things (teddies - not men!)
Unusual ornaments
Thoughtful surprises!

Make-up due to manky skin

I can't wait now!

sadlynoNOTthatPeachy Wed 11-Nov-09 09:45:24



smellies- Lush, body shop etc

pretty 'bits' like sattionary that i would never think to buy for myself- think -fake- Cath Kidston / Accesorise style...

Coffee flavoured anything (wink Tortoise)



Girly stuff-live with 5 males, need it soemtimes

Lavender / rose/ etc

Christmassy bits- pretty decs or wrapping things that i couldn't justify myself

Crafty things

Purple,teal,navy, red


Am n a diet and doing Ok so... (sadly)



Dairy stuff as am intolerant


champs Thu 12-Nov-09 01:00:13


girlie stuff

cute stationery and pens (kiddie stuf esp.blush

have a very sweet tooth but also bad teeth so sugar free sweeties or choc are nice, any type

lush smellies

girlie fiction

yankee candle tarts(love the candles but so expensive i treat myself to the tarts from time to time)

coffee syrups

vanilla scented products often give migrane


hmmmm.... cant think of any more disikes
have sensitive skin if that helps

freya2006 Thu 12-Nov-09 10:10:12

I like anything pink n fluffy
Love tasmina perry's books have the daddys girls one.
Funky socks
lush products!!
craft things

I cant have:
lavender smelling things


BexieID Thu 12-Nov-09 22:07:11

So many of you like Lush smellies. Everytime I walk past a store I have to breathe in, lol. Can't stand the smell!

champs Sat 14-Nov-09 04:12:23

lol bexie. the shops are overkill, too many scents all mixed up. too long in there or a bad day and it's an instant migraine. love the goodies though

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