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Long shot - anyone have a cotbed sized CAT NET they want to swap for a cot sized one?

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BigBadMousey Fri 11-Jul-08 11:31:49

I was given a net to stop our resident mouse and bird muncher from getting in the baby's cot but it is for a cot and we have a cot bed.

Anyone want to swap their cotbed one for a cot sized version.

<awaits tumbleweed>

choufleur Fri 11-Jul-08 21:30:52

sorry can't help - be mean and just shut the cat out of the room instead

BigBadMousey Fri 11-Jul-08 22:48:19

Well that was the original plan but the DDs let her in without me realising and of course the cot is nice and soft - being mean to the cat is a favourite passtime in our house - poor thing!

differentID Fri 11-Jul-08 22:50:44

Have you tried it to see if it will fit?

Washersaurus Fri 11-Jul-08 22:52:59

I freecycled ours a couple of weeks ago. It never got used as the cat used to jump on it and weight it down so she could sleep on it in the cot - damn her... she is now never allowed upstairs

Oh DH says we may have a new one in the cellar will check tomo for you

BigBadMousey Sat 12-Jul-08 09:44:17

DifferentID - yes I have. It just stretches over then pings off catapulting itself across the room (DDs find it hugely entertaining envy)

Washersaurus - Thsnks. I think our fur-monster will probably do the same but I'm hoping a recent incident involving trying to walk on a net over a pond will put her off trying for a while grin.

CarGirl Sat 12-Jul-08 09:46:07

I can honestly say our cat never even went in the room (despite every opportunity) once the squawking baby arrived and when the baby was in the cot you do shut the door anyway.

BigBadMousey Sat 12-Jul-08 09:57:14

he is already here, she loves him but worryingly sees him as a big hot water bottle.

DDs keep opening the door to let her in. DD1 is 4 and can be expected to understand why we don't let the cat in but DD2 is too young (and a rascal anyway).

CarGirl Sat 12-Jul-08 10:04:46

Hmmm quick temp fix could be a hook lock on the outside of the bedroom door then -irritating but will work better than cat net?

essanel Sat 12-Jul-08 10:18:48

i did have both and cant remeber which one i ebayed - will check for you - dont need a swap so its all yours!

essanel Sat 12-Jul-08 10:21:08

sorry just checked and it is the clippasafe medium which i have left which i think is the cot size.

essanel Sat 12-Jul-08 10:26:47

having re-read - for dd we had a net for the pram, one for the travel cot and one for the cot bed and i gave to say that they were rarely used- we have 2 cats and they were curious orignally but soon learnt to stay clear of the cot----normally cos dd was crying! we used them mainly to keep cats out before dd was born and we had built up pram and cot....

differentID Sat 12-Jul-08 18:30:08

Cats hate the smell of citrus. Do you have anything orange oil scented and maybe bathe the carpet outside the door in it? it might not stop furball from getting in the cot but it could stop her before she gets there.

BigBadMousey Sat 12-Jul-08 20:24:01

Hmmmmm good idea - best not tell DH though or he'll be laving orange peel around the perimeter of the house!

Sushipaws Sat 12-Jul-08 20:38:32

I'll see if I can find mine, if I can, it's all yours.

Washersaurus Sat 12-Jul-08 20:40:38

Sorry BBM, DH checked the cellar and we only have some unopened pram nets (why we have multiple nets is a long story). I can't think of anything to suggest to deter the cats - the DS' chasing our cats around at every opportunity seems to have done the job in scaring them so much that they steer well clear!

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 22:58:58

Thanks for looking anyway.

I shut the bedroom door earlier today while DDs were otherwise entertained only to hear a strange noise outside 5 mins later. Opened the front door and looked up to see one naughty furry-purry climbing up the outside of the downpipe towards the opened bedroom window while trying her best to look completely innocent envy

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