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5 Seneses Swap!!

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champs Fri 09-May-08 22:34:58

Hi all!
here's guidelines for this swap:

1. To be included email your details (including your mumsnet name, postal address, and how you want your parcel addressed - Some people don't want to reveal their real name to us, others don't want to reveal their Mumsnet name to their family. If in doubt, just put "the mumsnetter" ) to mnswaps at yahoo dot co dot uk -- replace at with @ and dot with .
No need to resend if I have your details already, unless you have moved/changed details.
2. If you have any dislikes/allergies etc, please let me know. I?ll include it on your details so your swapee can avoid getting you something you can't use or will hate.
3. You must be signed up by Wednesday 14th May. I will send you your swapee details on Friday 15th May.
Please note...who you are sending to is NOT who is sending to you. Its all muddled up.
4. You must post your gift out so that it will get to your swapee by Monday 2nd June.

5. You must send by at least Second class Recorded delivery, Sorry if this seems drastic but we?ve had a fair few ?no shows? so this way everyone can be reassured that packages can be tracked if lost.

6. If you are unable to get your gift out but have signed up please let me know or you may be excluded from further swaps!!!
7. Please do not put your name on your gift, you can put a return address if you want, but the guessing won't be much fun if you put your name. You can leave a clue though as that adds to the fun smile
8. The theme for this month's swap is 5 Senses
9. The budget for gifts this month is from £5 - £10. You are welcome to go over the budget, but please do not expect anyone else to!

Because we seem to have more fun guessing when our gifts arrive, you can start guessing as soon as you get them. Swappers may then disclose their identities if they so wish!!

This swap is for new and unused items please keep tags attached to the gifts, prices can be removed.

If you have any probs whatsoever please do email me as most things can be sorted out quickly and amicably before they flare up

A BIG thanks to all of you who keep swaps fun xxx

champs Fri 09-May-08 22:35:27

sign up

tortoise Fri 09-May-08 22:36:25

Me please! grin Took a few mins to work out 'seneses' though grin

freya2006 Fri 09-May-08 23:02:21

im in please

champs Fri 09-May-08 23:02:45


you signed up quick!! just sent email for notification of new swap!

tortoise Fri 09-May-08 23:06:55

Just got the email lol! grin

BexieID Sat 10-May-08 06:21:26

Sounds interesting, I shall ponder what to get for the swap whilst i'm working today!

Wheelybug Sat 10-May-08 09:44:46

oh go on then (I keep telling myself I'm going to stop but can 't resist... just one more...).

gingernutlover Sat 10-May-08 12:46:58

hi me too please

champs Sat 10-May-08 14:56:52

tortoise.... i've turned into a spammer

bexieid, I haven't got a clue at the moment!! will have to have a think too.

LOL whellybug!! resistance is futile haaaa haaa ha (erm cant get my wicked laugh down... too sunnywink )

waves @ gingernutlover.

any more?? oy Marsy where are ya??... gonna be presmptious and add you in anyway.... that'll teach you to shout so loud

fryalot Sat 10-May-08 20:14:28

me, me, me


lisad123 Sat 10-May-08 20:17:31

Sorry im confused, trust me doesnt take much! blush
whats this all about?

WigWamBam Sat 10-May-08 20:22:56

Can I play this time, too? I haven't joined in for ages after I had a couple of bad swappers but I like the sound of this one smile

fryalot Sat 10-May-08 20:33:21

lisad - champs (bless her little soul grin) organises us all and sends us details of another MNer.

We buy a present for that MNer and post it off.

So we all receive a present as well.

Did you have a nice holiday?

lisad123 Sat 10-May-08 20:44:52

oh can i join? Its not christmas though is it?If it is, you are very organised!
Trying to rememeber which holiday grin, but im sure i had fun! LOL
We have our caravan so there alot.

fryalot Sat 10-May-08 21:04:35

no, it's not christmas. We do it then as well though grin

Well, I'm glad all your holidays were fab grin

nappyaddict Sun 11-May-08 12:22:56

me me me me

magicmummy Sun 11-May-08 20:45:21

Me please smile

champs Tue 13-May-08 17:19:26


davidtennantsmistress Wed 14-May-08 19:00:37

me me please, or have I missed it?

champs Thu 15-May-08 00:51:43

nope not missed it!! will leave sign up open for another day as will be sending the details out on Friday

champs Fri 16-May-08 23:53:22

was just about to swap us up but realised haven't had the go ahead from marsy!!

MARSYYYY!!!!!! where are ya???

MarsLady Sat 17-May-08 00:57:09

I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sign me up and go go go! grin

MarsLady Sat 17-May-08 00:59:05

btw Champs... whatever happened to the Easter reveal? shock

champs Sat 17-May-08 01:17:55


will post it in a sec

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