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Herpes flare up while pregnant

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DH20 Fri 21-Oct-16 22:28:08

Hi all, I'm 19 weeks pregnant and had a herpes fare up.
I called my GP to ask if I can take acyclovir and she was less than helpful saying she doesn't know if it can be taken while pregnant? Does anyone know? Also can a herpes flare up affect my baby? Sorry, probably a silly question, I've never spoken to anyone about it before! Xx

lovelilies Fri 21-Oct-16 22:30:02

You might want to post this in the 'pregnancy' topic.
Also change GP if she doesn't know what mess are safe in pregnancy!

You can call a pharmacist.
Or google.

Wallywobbles Fri 21-Oct-16 22:34:57

The advice when I was pregnant with no 2 (12 years ago) is yes at the end of pregnancy. I was prescribed it right at the end to make sure I didn't have a flare up during the birth.

During my first pregnancy I was on it when I got pregnant. All fine. At that time (13 years ago) there was almost no research material. I had a major panic - unplanned pregnancy. I managed to find a nurse in NZ who calmed me down in the middle of the night in France.

My understanding is the baby is generally only at risk of catching herpes during birth.

DH20 Sat 22-Oct-16 21:54:03

Thank you responding.
I feel so stressed out about it. It's worse because it's not a spoken about thing x

marblefireplace Sat 22-Oct-16 22:18:35

It's safe during pregnancy - I was on a profilactic dose throughout 2 pregnancies.

I caught herpes at the end of my first pregnancy and had first flare up (enbeknown to me) when I delivered dc1. He caught it and almost died. I was advised that the risk is highest if first infection is during the last trimester because the mother had not built up immunity to pass on. Subsequent flare ups - while they should be avoided wherever possible during birth are very unlikely to transfer to baby at birth due to them getting your immunity. Flare ups during pregnancy are no risk to baby at all since there is no way for the virus to reach them in their sealed world, is my understanding.

AppleJac Sat 22-Oct-16 22:21:32

Yes you can take it no problem

I ve taken it in both pregnancies and been fine. Was told by my gp it is fine in pregnancy.

fempsych Sat 22-Oct-16 22:22:57

Yep - take it. Then I went onto a dose from 37 weeks to minimise chance of an outbreak during labour.

DH20 Tue 01-Nov-16 16:19:38

Thank you all for sharing. Can't believe my GP said she didn't know!!
It really worried me! X

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