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big hero 6 stickers swaps

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sleepyhollow Sun 15-Mar-15 19:24:24


My little boy needs to swap some stickers any help would be great can post.

swaps available 4,9,11,13,16, 24,27,30,34,4546,47,49,53,57,58,65,66,69,78,80,81,82,85,88,89,97,98,100, 108,109,113,118,122,132,135,136,137,164,168,169,170,171,174,175,176,177.

needs A,B,D,E,F,J,K 5,19,23,28,31,32,60,71,86,92,99,104,105,107,149,150,165,

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