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This topic is for surveys for Mumsnet HQ and their clients. If you'd like to commission a survey of MN members email Non MN surveys will be deleted.

NOW CLOSED Sign up to the panel now and you could win a signed Nigella book or five Cadbury's Treasure Boxes

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Dec-11 11:24:23

Have a read of our thank you thread and you could win a signed copy of Kitchen by Nigella Lawson or 5 Cadbury's Treasure Boxes worth £50 in total......

Did you know that in the last year the Insight Team (Ann, NewGirlHelen and Carrie) have given away prizes for taking part in surveys, product tests, events, threads, focus groups etc, worth a staggering £25K? Loads of you have taken part in product tests - from the £1800 Samsung American-style fridge freezer to Walkers Sunbites (and many many things in between - so many we couldn't even begin to calculate the value of goods tested smile). We are very grateful to everyone who applied to take part in a product test, took part and/or read the feedback. It's all about reviewing products on behalf of your community and sharing the love (hopefully!) with MN and with the company behind the product.

We've also asked you to complete a number of surveys - so thank you if you've taken the time to tell MNHQ or various clients what you think about a myriad of topics, from kids shoes to your experiences of miscarriage.

Many of these projects have been conducted on Mumsnet, but an increasing number of interesting market research projects are happening off site, via our research panel. If you are part of the panel, many thanks and if you need to change any details we have on the database please email

Now for the plea for help...we're always on the look out for new folks to join the panel - click here for more info or to sign up. Everyone who signs up using this link will be entered into a prize draw to win a signed copy of Kitchen by Nigella Lawson or five Cadbury's Treasure Boxes worth a total of £50 grin

You can also enter the prize draws by adding your thoughts to this thread regarding...

a) suggested companies or products you'd like to see put to the MN test next year (no promises mind)
b) what you have enjoyed reading about, taking part in on MN (relating to product tests, surveys, discussions etc)
c) any suggestions for NewGirlHelenMumsnet's new nickname...she has been here a year now and is no longer NewGirl, but there is already HelenMumsnet so we are stumped.....(her surname starts with an R)

We'll do the draw at the end of January so you have plenty of time to have a think!

Coming up in 2012 alongside lots of new projects we are having a new page all about the market research we do, so watch out for that.

Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a Happy (and prize winning) New Year

Ann, NewGirlHelen and Carrie at MNHQ smile

Here's the link to sign up for the panel again

ilovesprouts Wed 14-Dec-11 11:40:01

i think im on the panel not sure can anyone look for me thanks

Kveta Wed 14-Dec-11 11:49:32

c) could they be ClassicHelenMumsnet and LatestHelenMumsnet? grin

or get New Helen to change her name by deed poll to make your lives easier?! grin

gothicsanta Wed 14-Dec-11 11:53:27

A look at reviewing children's magazines or comics. How about helenrmumsnet or helen2mumsnet

bananamam Wed 14-Dec-11 11:59:47

Cameras!! I buy a lot of cameras it seems and can never ever seem to be happy with one....get a product test for those please!grin. Still and video.

As for enjoying of product tests, I am about to enjoy a ford for three weeks,does that count??

And new helen could be HelenRmumsnet or HRMumsnet....that's sounds like HerRoyalMumsnet though.....but it might be fittinggrin

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Dec-11 12:01:40

'course you're on it ilovesprouts...thanks

Piffpaffpoff Wed 14-Dec-11 12:03:30

I would like to see camping equipment up for test, in particular the Vango inflatable tents look intereting! And obviously, I get to be a tester for suggesting it. wink

belledechocchipcookie Wed 14-Dec-11 12:08:54


inmysparetime Wed 14-Dec-11 12:10:08

I would like to test tea or chocolate, or maybe bubble bathgrin
I really enjoyed the Hasbro testing, the DCs still play with Optimus Prime!

Lastly, how about MumsnetHelen?

CMOTdibbler Wed 14-Dec-11 12:12:34

I've really enjoyed being part of the panel this year.

I think that some product feedback for clothes retailers would be fab - we know that retailers aren't producing what 40+ women especially want (and I had such high hopes for Mary Portas), and you only have to read the hundreds of posts on winter coats to see they are missing out on those. M+S need to pay particular attention !

Fillybuster Wed 14-Dec-11 12:15:29

I'd like to say a big thanks back to MN Towers, especially Ann and NewGirlHelen (sorry Carrie, but all my emails/threads have been from them!) for all the absolutely brilliant stuff the Fillyhousehold have had the chance to enjoy this's been totally amazing!

In fact, at the risk of never being selected for anything again, I'm going to admit publicly how much great stuff we've had from MN this year....

- Blobo (ok, it was a bit pants, but it kept the dcs occupied for a few days in the middle of the summer holidays, which is definitely A Good Thing)

- the Pearsons books aged 1-7 (brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - it gave DS' reading a boost at exactly the right time, and he has loved it)

- Aldi nappies (don't laugh - they were great and I'm kicking myself for spending £££££s all these years on Big Name Brands)

and last, but by no means least....

- Goats Cheese tasting and cooking session (the best afternoon out I've had in a very long time!)

In addition to all that fabulousness, we also won tickets for the Regents Park family festival thing - which was great fun despite the rain, and worth over £70!

Oh....and it was either this year or last that I won a half-box of delicious wine, too....

Now, in an attempt to actually answer the questions:

a) suggested companies or products you'd like to see put to the MN test next year (no promises mind)
Tricky, as some of the more successful ones have been quite left-field....but maybe
- Educational electronic games (such as Leappad)
- More mystery shopper activity
- Cosmetics/Face creams from No7, L'Oreal etc would be interesting

b) what you have enjoyed reading about, taking part in on MN (relating to product tests, surveys, discussions etc)

As above, I obviously enjoyed the actual testing we got to participate in, but actually it was very interesting to read wider feedback from other MNers, swap notes etc. I also find the feedback on other products tests (like the Spud one) interesting, even when I haven't participated.

c) any suggestions for NewGirlHelenMumsnet's new nickname...she has been here a year now and is no longer NewGirl, but there is already HelenMumsnet so we are stumped.....(her surname starts with an R)

Sorry sad but it was lovely to meet her in person at the Goats Cheese event!

So, to finish a stupidly long post...

thanksthanksthanks all round from the Filly-household...bring on Product Tests for 2012! grin

NewGirlHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 14-Dec-11 12:23:41

I like the sound of HerRoyalHelenMumsnet, thanks bananamam. Am off to buy a tiara online now!

bananamam Wed 14-Dec-11 12:28:37

Ah your welcome HRH...grin now you need a tiara smiley!!!!

whenPaschagotstuckupthechimney Wed 14-Dec-11 12:29:12

a) I'd like to see more childrens clothing brands on test, especially shoes. Also small appliances - handheld vacuums, steam mops, another iron, coffee machines, etc - In fact could you link with QVC or other tat channel for a Mumsnet Recommends hour with us all testing the products on tv and taking it home ?

b) The appliances and cars always interest me, not so fussed about the food.

c) Has NewGirlHelen got a middle name? Or she could go all posh with Helena? or Helene? Or what about the name she always wanted her mother to call her? (I spent several weeks aged about 7 wishing I was called Rapunzel because of her lovely long hair)...

feedthegoatsletthemknowitsxmas Wed 14-Dec-11 12:33:10

I particularly enjoyed the Pearsons books testing. Ds has come on in leaps and bounds with his reading this year and he really enjoyed them. They also encouraged me to make the move from picture books to chapter books and bedtime which we are all enjoying.

llynnnn Wed 14-Dec-11 12:35:33

Thank you to all at mumsnet, we've really enjoyed testing the sunbites, tomato seeds, hasbro toy this year smile feel very lucky to have taken part.

I would like to try more cosmetic brands, creams, make up, shower products etc.

It would be good to get feedback from the retailers too once our panel feedback has been submitted. Would make an interesting read to hear how our comments would be used and if anything has surprised them.

missorinoco Wed 14-Dec-11 13:12:35

Thankyou MN. It is always a treat to find a "you have been selected" email.

We enjoyed sunbites, tomato seeds, bio oil. My favourite was the tomato seeds. We dug up a small area to plan seeds, and also grew some other vegetables. We made green tomato chutney following a suggestion on the thread and will now grow vegetables each year.

What do i think would be good?
Nappies (I know done) and wipes products testing. What about brands of various dull but functional products like tinned tomatoes? Mystery shopper for size comparisons in various shops.
Am happy to volunteer to personally taste all the various salted caramel brands and post my opinion. {grovel grovel}

The replacement that springs to mind for new girl is old git. (Waves bye to salted caramel). However as I can't bring myself to post the title I don't think that's much help. HelenthesecondMumsnet? Although that seems to imply HelenMumsnet has been disposed of.


bagelmonkey Wed 14-Dec-11 13:13:23

NewGirlHelenMumsnet could name change to TheMumsnetterFormerlyKnownAsNewGirlHelenMumsnet

Moodykat Wed 14-Dec-11 13:13:58

Yy to handheld vacs. I really need one but don't want to shell out until I can read real reviews by people I trust! (yes, MN, I trust you all!)

katz Wed 14-Dec-11 13:20:04

Carpet washers or those 3in 1 machines I want to know what mumsnetters really think!

More car test drives would be good

zipzap Wed 14-Dec-11 13:29:56

Another one here who has enjoyed being part of the panel this year. Can I assume that if I was on it this year, I'll continue to be on it next year or will I need to sign up again?

Also been lucky from Walkers Sunbites to Clinique cream to the Goats Cheese Tasting event and I'm sure more besides... Fingers crossed there'll be more next year to add to the list - as others have said, it is always exciting to find an email saying 'You've been chosen...' in your in box!

As to the questions:
a - suggested products etc
cameras, plus associated things like printing photos or making photo books and gifts. And a camera / photography workshop event would be really really good.

b - enjoyed reading about and doing
have loved testing everything that's been sent but highlights have to be the goats cheese tasting and also being a potato recipe tester. Was quite a disappointment not to have a recipe this month and it's been fun as all the family have been caught up in the fun of trying something new and giving feedback (always handy with a fussy 6 year old to try to get to try something new!)

c - only discovered newgirlhelen was at the goat's cheese tasting event as she was leaving, however how about InsightfulHelenMumsnet as a nickname? Bit longer than newgirlhelen but makes you sound clever and thoughful as well as it ties back to the Insight bit of MN...

TheProvincialLady Wed 14-Dec-11 13:49:23

How about NotThatHelenMumsnet?

I've really enhoyed it too, thanks very much. We've had smoothies, a wii and goodness knows what this year.

In answer to your questions:

a) nice, ie high end, makeup and skincare products; handheld vacuum cleaners; a decent washer dryer (is there such a thing? I would love to find out), clothes, gadgets and board games
b) I always find it fascinating to read what other people think about the products we are testing

GauchitaCascabel Wed 14-Dec-11 14:00:34

thanks MNHQ, we were chosen for the first time this year to test a product. We tried the Aldi nappies and they were fantastic, thanks again for choosing us <hopes she's chosen again and again wink>

a) It'd be great to test more
Food products
I second vacuum cleaners/handheld ones (I love love love my Dyson handheld).
Breast-pads maybe? I stuck to Lansinoh ones after trying one or two others and them being really bad.
Websites that offer services such as photo printing, or photo-book ordering? Slings/baby carriers (there's just SO much out there it's daunting).

b) I loved being able to test something and for our feedback to be useful. I find myself looking for pre-existing threads on here if I'm thinking of getting a product I haven't owned before, as there's nothing better than the experience of others to give you objectivity grin It'd be great, as Llynnnn mentioned, to hear back from the companies after the product tests.

c) Can't help there, I suck at nicknames blush I like HRHelenMumsnet, though wink I'd like to thank NGHelen for all her patience every time I email her telling her links don't work grin

thousandDenierStocking Wed 14-Dec-11 14:01:19

I have loved being part of the panel so far, it appeals to my critical and pernickety nature wink

I particularly enjoy getting stuck into trying to break beta versions of websites. More companies should try getting Actual Real Life People to test the effectiveness of their online presence.

I'd be happy to take on bigger projects and provide more detailed feedback if I knew there were a definite incentive to do so, even if it was just a token £10 Amazon voucher or similar.

buggyRunner Wed 14-Dec-11 14:21:33

Think we should test stain removers, washing detergant, carpet cleaners, moisturisers, hair products, home fitness equipment and kitchen equipment

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