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Tell 5 Alive all about your 'me' time (survey open to all, regardless how much 'me' time you have!) and you could win a £250 John Lewis voucher

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 21-Apr-10 14:50:01

5 alive want to find out what you do during your 'me' time - if you're lucky enough to get any!

By 'me' time, we mean time to yourself away from children, partner or work, when you can let loose and have some fun. It doesn't matter if you don't get much 'me' time; we still want to know what you think. The survey is open to all Mumsnetters.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and enter your details for a chance to win a £250 John Lewis voucher.

AND, for another chance to enter the prize draw, please tell us all on this thread what you get up to in your 'me' time, whether it's playing air guitar to the radio, or going out for a muddy bike ride - you can 'fess up here grin.

Thanks and good luck

PotPourri Sun 25-Apr-10 08:19:29

Running. It started as a challenge, turned into a chore, and now I love it. My body is doing its thing, and my head is clear... Love it

harimo Sun 25-Apr-10 08:32:07

I get a little time in the evening when the kids are in bed and I shower / bath and do my hair. It's not listed as 'me' time as, presumably, whoever wrote the thread considers showering / bathing as essential personal hygiene! grin

In answer to the question: What would you do if you didn't have to look after the kids all day, I simply answered: FAINT

I lead a dull life! grin

mummylicious Sun 25-Apr-10 14:18:28

Sorry couldn't get past question 2, it was wasting my precious me time that I'm having right now on MN with a HOT cup of tea and if DS keeps sleeping I will have a little nap too and maybe, just maybe, might have 5 mins to read a few pages of RED magazine. Anyone who filled in that stupid survey deserves those vouchers.

angell74 Sun 25-Apr-10 20:28:42

I watch the Food Channel with a large glass of pinot and a pile of trashy magazines.

merr Sun 25-Apr-10 20:42:13

I play online games and enter comps,oh and drink wine, lots of wine ;)

Pollyanna Sun 25-Apr-10 22:25:34

I slump in front of the tv of an evening, or creep off to the shops at the weekend. In more fit times I go for a run with my ipod.

saintlydamemrsturnip Sun 25-Apr-10 22:53:05

horse riding for an hour once every other week

debka Mon 26-Apr-10 07:23:55

What a weird survey, was it done by a man?
I read classic books and pretend to be clever!

juju3 Mon 26-Apr-10 07:44:36

Resting - I get soooooo tired

BooD Mon 26-Apr-10 08:35:35


Think the person who wrote it has been watching too many chick flicks wink
Or I'm completely unimaginative...!

MummyElk Mon 26-Apr-10 09:51:35

Must have been written by a 21 year old overly enthusiastic graduate i think...
and how rude of them to even LET me think about having a WHOLE DAY to myself....<swoons with the temptation of it all>

Fennel Mon 26-Apr-10 10:13:08

v odd survey

I might go for a bike ride but I don't get muddy doing so, I go on a sunny dry day.

Generally I lounge around watching tv or reading the paper or a novel, or go out and meet friends.

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 26-Apr-10 12:09:37

Hilarious survey.

Have not read whole thread, but was anyone else tempted to add "have a wank"?

MoChan Mon 26-Apr-10 13:26:45

Just you, I expect. grin

cyteen Mon 26-Apr-10 14:57:39

I was blush

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 26-Apr-10 18:53:23


cspiders Mon 26-Apr-10 19:52:47

fast walking

pipersky Mon 26-Apr-10 21:25:04

I found the survey odd too, I mean, how can you have a particular time to have 'me time' when you have a baby/toddler/both? You can't just wswitch the babies off for an hour between 1 and 2 pm to have me time! hmm

msesassi Tue 27-Apr-10 16:04:03

playing ipod games / ds
having a relaxing bath
or just enjoying the silence!!!

Gilla01 Tue 27-Apr-10 19:36:09

My favourite is a quiet time to myself - a book or a magazine and a glass of wine - or tea is fine.

They def had a very strange range of activities.

piggies Wed 28-Apr-10 18:56:40

I cross stitch.

ChocolateButterfly Wed 28-Apr-10 22:47:20

Reading a good book...preferably in the bath (me that is - not the book, hopefully!)

den246 Wed 28-Apr-10 22:57:09

Me time, whats that?! Usually I sleep, go online or do some gardening. But its very rare...

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