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This topic is for surveys for Mumsnet HQ and their clients. If you'd like to commission a survey of MN members email Non MN surveys will be deleted.

If you have a daughter (of any age), please take our mini survey on the anti-cervical cancer vaccine, and be in with a chance of winning £150 to spend where you like

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 06-Oct-09 19:10:59

ITN have asked us to find out how Mumsnetters with daughters feel about the anti-cervical cancer vaccine.

This mini survey is open to any Mumsnetter who has a daughter and everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw to win £150 of vouchers for a store of their choice.

The survey must close by midnight on Thursday so please take a moment to fill it in now.



smackapacka Tue 06-Oct-09 19:12:15

oh me first!

smackapacka Tue 06-Oct-09 19:14:03

Done! Although I'm still basking in the glory of being a chosen MNer to have a new Dyson from filling in a survey so I won't worry about winning this time.

Hulababy Tue 06-Oct-09 19:14:48


FlameWithTooManyHormones Tue 06-Oct-09 19:17:29


envy @ dyson <ignores baby clothes comp won the other week>

Ineedanewjob Tue 06-Oct-09 19:21:07


Knickers0nmaChoppedOffhead Tue 06-Oct-09 19:24:05


4andnotout Tue 06-Oct-09 19:29:29


I just love filling out surveys blush

Docbunches Tue 06-Oct-09 19:31:04


reALMediALemming Tue 06-Oct-09 19:33:50


RubyBooBerry Tue 06-Oct-09 19:34:54

done here too

MinkyBorage Tue 06-Oct-09 19:42:21


Sidge Tue 06-Oct-09 19:57:53

Done, but it's not an anti-cervical cancer vaccine, it's a vaccine against certain strains of HPV. I imagine that's not catchy enough for ITN though... hmm

smackapacka Tue 06-Oct-09 20:06:39

Flame - if it's any consolation, the Dyson is too heavy for pregnant people so DH is having to do all the hoovering.


Goober Tue 06-Oct-09 20:21:44

£150 already spent in my head.

GypsyMoth Tue 06-Oct-09 20:31:19

done...but i never win anything!

Psychotrace2thebloodsucker Tue 06-Oct-09 20:36:27


Tortington Tue 06-Oct-09 20:44:39

done ta

EccentricaGallumbits Tue 06-Oct-09 20:47:52

Done. £150 not bad but i'd rather have the phillips vibrator massager

SoWhat Tue 06-Oct-09 20:51:56


hormonstersnomore Tue 06-Oct-09 21:01:04

Done, and if I win, I'll give the money to DD to spend to make her feel better after she's had the jab. smile

duffpancake Tue 06-Oct-09 21:15:52

Done, though wondering if I checked neither more or less likely in Q. 3, how do they know whether I was planning to let dd have it or not?

Celia2 Tue 06-Oct-09 21:17:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pointyhat Tue 06-Oct-09 21:33:48

done. Questions not very tight

aristoBLACKcat Tue 06-Oct-09 21:41:00

done this too
have never won anything yet sad

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