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Do your children eat yogurt? Have they tried The Collective Suckies? - Take this survey £100 voucher to be won

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YanaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Jun-20 14:21:26

We'd like to find out more about your children’s snacking habits and their attitudes towards yogurt.

This survey is open to all MNers living in the UK with at least 1 child aged up to 10 who eats yogurt (including dairy free).

To start the survey, click here.

All who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw where 1 winner will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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lolly2010 Wed 24-Jun-20 16:32:32


itsamadmadworld Wed 24-Jun-20 16:34:55

Done. Have noticed errors with some multiple choice questions where it says "strongly agree,somewhat agree, neither agree nor disagree, somewhat disagree, strongly agree" and spelling errors as I believe it should said contains but instead says constraints

JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 24-Jun-20 17:17:12

Hi @itsamadmadworld thank you for flagging! We've been through the survey and made some amends.

ChaoticCatling Wed 24-Jun-20 19:30:22


Giganticshark Thu 25-Jun-20 16:12:21

Done also.

SamSeabornforPresident Thu 25-Jun-20 20:46:01

That is a looooong survey.

Tatapie Fri 26-Jun-20 06:28:54

Suckies? Urghh horrible concept & name sorry

OneFootintheRave Fri 26-Jun-20 08:57:39

That name, "Suckies", literally sucks. I would avoid purely on that basis.

Atadaddicted Fri 26-Jun-20 12:13:26


Bramble88 Fri 26-Jun-20 12:39:03


Redshoeblueshoe Fri 26-Jun-20 13:51:03

I wouldn't buy anything with that name

ActOfKindness Fri 26-Jun-20 14:34:04

yes- the name is off putting

Vilt Fri 26-Jun-20 16:20:17


LilyFromTheValley Fri 26-Jun-20 18:01:48


LittleCabbage Fri 26-Jun-20 18:47:32

Yep, awful name. Makes me think of fellatio envy (not envy).

HRH2020 Fri 26-Jun-20 18:59:03

My DC love them 🤪

Tittie Fri 26-Jun-20 19:31:21

I see these in the supermarket all the time. The name makes me cringe too much to buy them and offer to my children 🙈

Tittie Fri 26-Jun-20 19:48:30

Goodness that was a long survey. I just can't get that passionate or opinionated about yoghurt

ChaoticCatling Fri 26-Jun-20 21:58:36

I wouldn't buy pouches as they are not recyclable (by my council anyway). As least with individual pots it's just the lid that can't be recycled. I think they would be great for school as individual pots can be squashed, but only if I could easily recycle them.

NatalieH2220 Sat 27-Jun-20 08:57:36


Nervousvendor Sat 27-Jun-20 09:41:49

Hate the name

BertieBotts Sat 27-Jun-20 20:56:25

Just echoing others saying the name is horrible. It's like "panties" somehow childish and sexual at the same time.Seriously grim.

Comefromaway Sat 27-Jun-20 23:44:49

I’ve been buying them for ages for my autistic son with a restricted diet. They are smooth, higher protein & lower sugar than most yoghurts and for some reason he won’t eat Yoghurt with a spoon.

SamSeabornforPresident Sun 28-Jun-20 00:47:16

The name didn't even occur to me. Maybe I'm not so tuned in to fellatio references. wink

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