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FINAL CALL to complete the Mumsnet Census - £500 in vouchers to be won

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Sep-19 18:49:12

Here at MNHQ, it's census time again! This survey is open to everyone!

It's really useful to us to find out a bit more about the people who use Mumsnet.

As a thank you for completing the census, all who complete the survey and leave their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw where they could win one of the following 5 vouchers*:

- 1 x £200 voucher

- 2 x £100 vouchers

- 2 x £50 vouchers

All responses are confidential and no individual details will be passed on to any third parties.

Please click here to complete the survey

Thanks and good luck!


Insight Terms and Conditions apply

*although the survey is open to (and we'd love to hear from) everyone, we're only able to supply vouchers to be used with UK retailers.

BeyondAvoidant Thu 26-Sep-19 17:42:25

Urgh, I'm an idiot - filled the whole thing in, the final page refreshed so I had to do it again, then I hit send without filling in my name!! 🙄

Knittedfairies Thu 26-Sep-19 19:44:05

I give up; I kept getting 'this question requires an answer' even though I'd answered. (iPad)

ilovesooty Thu 26-Sep-19 20:24:49


DavesNotHere Thu 26-Sep-19 21:52:25

Done (laptop) with no technical problems smile

bbciii Thu 26-Sep-19 22:49:55

Done (on phone)! Would love to see the results of the consensus!

cinders15 Thu 26-Sep-19 22:57:48

On phone

TwatCat Fri 27-Sep-19 00:18:49

Done on phone, no issues

decadance Fri 27-Sep-19 12:19:45

Done no issues here either

wildcherries Fri 27-Sep-19 12:49:53

Tried to complete on the mobile. Kept jumping up and deleted my answers. Given up.

mencken Fri 27-Sep-19 12:55:30

vouchers for what shops? Need to know if it is worth my time.

MoaningMinniee Fri 27-Sep-19 17:35:47

You wanted to know if I have a car. I don't. But I do have five works vans now. There were several other closed questions like that too.

youarenotkiddingme Fri 27-Sep-19 19:46:49


RaymondJohnson Fri 27-Sep-19 20:39:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

2018SoFarSoGreat Fri 27-Sep-19 21:24:24

Done. children in family/household is a tricky one. I have children - they are in my family, but not in my household. I chose to include them. May skew your results.

SparklyMagpie Sat 28-Sep-19 00:17:49

Done and done smile

BackforGood Sat 28-Sep-19 00:42:52

It won't let me move on to the next page as it says Q20 MUST HAVE an answer, but there is no option on Q20 to say 'none of above' hmm so there is no box I can tick.

Sunflower2019 Sat 28-Sep-19 12:03:39

All done grinbear

lovemenorca Sat 28-Sep-19 13:18:06

Bloody hell
I feel I earned that prize given the length of that!

lovemenorca Sat 28-Sep-19 13:19:05


Love that you got a comment deleted on this thread!

PEACE11 Sat 28-Sep-19 14:27:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SparklyMagpie Sat 28-Sep-19 14:36:25

Peace Maurice


clam77 Sat 28-Sep-19 16:21:17

Done smile

Kateshairenvy Sat 28-Sep-19 17:29:58


SamBeckett Sat 28-Sep-19 18:30:46

Done with no issues ( laptop)

cinderellainyellakissedafella Sat 28-Sep-19 21:02:06

I've looked at this and it's so nosey. Do you really think I'm going to give you my postcode and tell you how much my family earns, if we own a property etc
No chance

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