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Are you currently pregnant or have a child under 2? Take this survey - £300 voucher to be won

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 01-May-19 16:32:52

We're working with HiPP Organic to help find out what information parents would like from a baby food brand.

This survey is open to UK Mumsnet users who are currently pregnant or have a child under 2.

All who complete the survey will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Click here to complete the survey.

Thanks and good luck!


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Cosmogirl86 Wed 01-May-19 22:39:08

Honestly this survey is so long and complicated that I gave up before submitting!

firsttimebabybirther Wed 01-May-19 23:28:18

I did complete but agree with the above.

armoholt Wed 01-May-19 23:48:50

Long winded but got there in the end phew!

Fuppy Thu 02-May-19 07:48:23


FlatPackPat Thu 02-May-19 09:51:12

Agree that the survey is long winded, got there in the end. Didn't like the 1-10 ranking system which at once point jumbled up and I couldn't be bothered to change it back.

Also, without any definition of what they mean by an 'online baby club' I found the whole thing a bit confused is MN an online baby club? Or do they mean the pregnancy apps you can download? Or Facebook groups for your due date? Perhaps I live under a rock but I really don't understand what an online baby club is.

JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 02-May-19 10:12:45

Hi all, thank you for your feedback and apologies that this one is a bit long.

@FlatPackPat - Mumsnet wouldn't be considered a 'baby club', though there's definitely some overlap in features! If you've never considered signing up to or using one then understand how it could be difficult to know what one is! Apologies it wasn't there when you took the survey, but we'll be adding a definition soon for future respondents.

outvoid Thu 02-May-19 11:10:42

Completed but agreed with others!

MaryMashedThem Thu 02-May-19 12:55:10

Completed, but totally agree with PPs re the annoying formatting that jumbles up and changes your answers. Also, with the "rank from 1-10" questions, it doesn't indicate whether 1 is your most or your least preferred option (I assumed the former, but without knowing whether all respondents assumed the same the results will be meaningless). One final thing I'd suggest is a confirmation page after you click 'submit' to confirm that your answers have been recorded. Mine just redirected straight to the MN insight homepage, but it would have been nice to know that the time and frustration of filling it out had been successful!

Chels1997 Thu 02-May-19 20:09:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JenMumma Thu 02-May-19 20:57:28

All done

tablelegs Fri 03-May-19 12:09:35

It wouldn't let me put my email address and then told me I had already taken the survey.

UnPocoLoco2 Fri 03-May-19 22:30:49

This survey is so nosey. No I won't tell you how old my kids are and a 23 question survey? Who has time for that? I gave up.

JellycatElfie Sat 04-May-19 22:22:34


Kannet Sun 05-May-19 14:26:00

Completed but difficult

MujosMama Sun 05-May-19 19:56:35

I think I completed but didn't get anything to confirm at the end, just redirected me to the product testing page 🤷🏻‍♀️

anitagreen Sun 05-May-19 21:04:06

Really boring survey? Done though lol

Neadie1999 Mon 06-May-19 18:26:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MyDearSweetSummerChild Tue 07-May-19 07:05:23

Done. Phew! Agree with previous posters, far too long and monotonous.

nortonnumber Tue 07-May-19 23:24:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

123hanan Wed 08-May-19 13:20:24

My daughter is going to take her GCSE's and I have no complaints except in physics. Her teacher has been telling her she will take the higher paper since she is in triple science but less then a week before her gcse for physics he told her she will take foundation. Her target grade is a 6 but she can't achieve that on foundation as the highest you can get on foundation is a 5. I don't know what to do as I'm not letting him do this to my daughter, please help me because this teacher isn't helping her bit smashing her dreams** 😨😓

Alliebaba81 Thu 09-May-19 03:36:15

Hi Mummas!
My lil babber’s now 5 months, as of today. She naps well during the day and goes to sleep at 6:30pm like a dream, happily dozing off in her own time. But. She still wakes up for feeds every 2-3 hours throughout the night..... the first stint of sleep is usually 4/5 hrs before waking for her first night feed at say 11pm. But then it’s 1am, 3am, 5am, awake at 6:30am and back to sleep for morning nap 8am-9am. (This is all approximate).
Sometimes I can pop a dummy in and she will go back to sleep and sometimes it’s teething or tummy pains troubling her (And Damn that 4 month regression). Sometimes her feeds are 20 minutes and other times they’re 10. Is she just a milk monster? Other mum friends say theirs only wake once or twice to feed!
Thank you!

claza93 Tue 14-May-19 14:38:35

Done x

Elllicam Tue 28-May-19 21:01:10

Done. @alliebaba81 I think you might have accidentally posted in the wrong place, not sure how many replies you’ll get. I think that sounds normal though.

hellooosweetheart Wed 29-May-19 08:36:56

@123hanan what are you on about? Nothing to do with baby food

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