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UK MNer in England? Take this short survey - £150 to be won

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45andahalf Sat 23-Feb-19 08:48:36


PhilomenaButterfly Thu 21-Feb-19 20:31:46

Done 😆

claza93 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:28:00


flowersfromheaven Wed 20-Feb-19 21:00:25

All done!

jamigra Fri 15-Feb-19 09:37:29

All done.

Enigma222 Fri 15-Feb-19 00:11:49


EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Feb-19 15:03:47

@VanGoghsDog thank you for spotting that! Apologies that wasn't added, I have now updated the survey smile

mrswhiplington Sun 10-Feb-19 19:14:22


LKRJM Sat 09-Feb-19 21:57:56

Agree Van - but completed

SneakyGremlins Sat 09-Feb-19 01:15:25


spinabifidamom Sat 09-Feb-19 01:10:33


VanGoghsDog Sat 09-Feb-19 00:02:08

Question 7 needs 'No' as an option.

EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Feb-19 15:54:13

We are going to be working with an independent health and social care regulator over the next few months and we would love for you to answer this survey to understand how much you know about them before we start.

This survey is open to all MNers who live in England.

Everyone who completes the survey and adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £150 voucher of their choice (from a list).

To complete the survey, please click here

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!

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