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UK MNer with a teenager? Take this survey for a chance to win a £150 voucher

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Jan-19 14:06:18

We have been working with a social media platform over the last few months and we'd like to find out what you think of them.

This survey is open to all UK MNers who have at least one teenager in their household.

The survey will only take a few minutes to fill in and everyone who completes it will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Click here to complete the survey



Terms and conditions apply

HoraceCope Thu 10-Jan-19 19:18:02

Too busy

BackforGood Thu 10-Jan-19 22:52:45

I'm sure we've had this survey before, not that long ago hmm
Now, as then, the questions (3,4, and 5) seem geared to parents of younger dc - possibly including 13 and 14 yr olds.
It doesn't seem to take into account the fact that those of us with older dc have dc who are using different socail media platforms long before we are, and, indeed help set me up on those I use.

watfordmummy Sat 12-Jan-19 19:13:22

Did the survey and managed to put my email in wrong!!! Doh!!!!

Fakeflowersandlemonade Sat 12-Jan-19 21:30:28


92xfactor92 Sun 13-Jan-19 12:51:37

Message me plz

TwoGinScentedTears Sun 13-Jan-19 12:56:37

Ha, didnthe survey and spelled my username wrong!

marmiteloversunite Sun 13-Jan-19 19:22:04


Geillis Mon 14-Jan-19 14:21:43

TheDogAteMySock Mon 14-Jan-19 18:18:54


NewNameForOldMe Tue 15-Jan-19 07:01:43


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