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Have you experienced pregnancy loss since January 2014? Please help MNHQ by completing our survey. NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-Oct-16 14:13:07

This is our regular two-yearly survey looking at women’s experiences of miscarriage care in the UK.

The Mumsnet Miscarriage Care campaign has run since 2010 and its aims are to ensure that all miscarrying women, and all women experiencing other forms of pregnancy loss, get the good, respectful, empathetic care that they need. You can read more about the campaign here. In the past we’ve had successes such as getting the post-miscarriage surgical procedure renamed, after lots of you said that you found the old terminology upsetting. But, of course, we want to keep the pressure on for better services and care.

Although our campaign is principally about miscarriage care many aspects also apply to other forms of pregnancy loss, such as ectopic pregnancies that are ended by medical treatment, or stillbirths. Women who have experienced these since January 2014 are very welcome to fill in the survey; apologies in advance if some of the questions aren’t appropriate to your situation, but there should always be an option for you to say that something isn’t applicable to you.

Because the aim of the survey is partly to compare results with previous surveys and see what (if any) changes there have been, we’re asking only women who have experienced pregnancy loss since January 2014 to fill this one in. (Apologies to those of you who are excluded by this - your input is still hugely welcome on other aspects of the campaign and we will tell you more about how you can get involved soon.)

We know that pregnancy loss can be a difficult thing to talk about, so thank you in advance for sharing your experiences in the survey. We’ll use the results to inform and update the campaign.

A note about language: we’ve tried to be as sensitive as possible in choosing our words here. We hope we’ve made the right choices, but please do give us your feedback if you think something isn’t right.

Here's the survey link:


BlackeyedPetitsPois Fri 21-Oct-16 20:34:36

Done flowers

PoppyPicklesPenguin Fri 21-Oct-16 23:13:39

Also done,

But my goodness that was very difficult indeed, the language however was sensitive on a very difficult topic.

flowers to those who have had to go through this, gosh it's a lonely place to be.

Purpleprickles Sat 22-Oct-16 07:46:16

Done as well.

LynseyH Sat 22-Oct-16 08:11:30

Just completed sad

Rubberduck2 Sat 22-Oct-16 09:14:43



ArcticMumkey Sat 22-Oct-16 09:50:35

Done. Appreciate the opportunity to talk about my experience flowers
Happy with the language

hawaiibaby Sat 22-Oct-16 12:37:59


Backhometothenorth Sat 22-Oct-16 18:26:33

Done flowers

KittyandTeal Sat 22-Oct-16 19:43:14

Done, once again it made me reflect on just how lucky I was to suffer miscarriage and baby loss in an area where care is compassionate. We have an active sands group with strong links to the hospital. I wish more areas were like mine

SecondSunrise Sat 22-Oct-16 20:33:50

Completed. Lucky me, I was eligible to do the previous survey too.

Frogqueen13 Sat 22-Oct-16 22:28:45

Done. My miscarriage care consisted of a leaflet on pregnancy of unknown location -it was inter uterine and a phone call telling me it had failed. Nothing about it was good, I love the nhs, I am an nhs nurse- but this really let me down. Changes need to be made

StarsandBellinis Sat 22-Oct-16 22:51:49

Done. It actually made me realise how little care I received, as it hadn't occurred to me that they could've offered some of the things mentioned. I've been through this 3 times, had all NHS tests and just trying to pluck up the courage to ttc again for my much wanted first take-home baby. Hugs and luck to everyone going through this.

ibelieveindragons Sun 23-Oct-16 14:04:16

Done. Sadly my miscarriage care was the most ill informed, misleading, cold and downright scary experiences I've been through. Medical staff seem to see it as a medical thing, not loosing a baby? Although I'm so blessed to have gone onto have a lovely baby and have excellent care which restored my faith in the NHS.

DiggityDam Sun 23-Oct-16 17:18:27

Done, still wishing it wasn't applicable to me.

Spotsondots Sun 23-Oct-16 18:20:29

Done. Did the last one as well (lucky me).

TheLegendOfBeans Sun 23-Oct-16 20:03:47

Done. Allowed me to reflect on how two different hospitals were with my miscarriage.

wellhereweare Sun 23-Oct-16 22:14:10

Done. Nearly 2 years now since my mc.

There was an amazing thread on here about the practicalities of miscarrying. Very useful. Had really good support on here too.

FrazzleRock Mon 24-Oct-16 11:58:34

I've completed this survey. Thank fuck for the support on here because I had nothing from medical staff and left to get on with things myself post surgery, while my mental health deteriorated hugely.

Sorry for all those who have been through this flowers. No parent should lose a child.

sianihedgehog Mon 24-Oct-16 15:38:33

Done. My care was actually really good, but I was mostly just determined determined to get it over with and try again, and not anything like as upset as people expect.

ChatEnOeuf Mon 24-Oct-16 20:54:59

Done, nothing wrong with your choice of words. Tricky survey as two hospitals were involved (one very compassionate, one less so).

Cockerpoodledoo Tue 25-Oct-16 18:56:56

The NHS provided me with literally no information. So very grateful for the thread on coping with the practicalities of miscarriage ... Somebody from the NHS really needs to amalgamate that into some standard info to give out!

JCleRoux Tue 25-Oct-16 21:25:07

Completed the survey. My care was not too bad to be honest but there is room for improvement. flowers

ScarletSienna Wed 26-Oct-16 14:51:24

Done although it was tricky as I miscarried a twin so had follow up pregnancy care but not miscarriage care.

mariaalexander Thu 27-Oct-16 04:57:27

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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