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NOW CLOSED Do you live in Scotland? Complete a survey about the Scottish Referendum - £50 voucher prize draw

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Aug-14 17:14:31

Hi everyone,

We're working with a national newspaper to find out what MNers who live in Scotland think about the referendum which is coming up in September.

This survey is open to all Mumsnetters living in Scotland.

If you're interested, please complete the survey here.

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 John Lewis voucher.



StoorieHoose Wed 20-Aug-14 17:32:36

Is the national newspaper staying anonymous or are you going to tell us who we are giving our views to?

FromGirders Wed 20-Aug-14 17:38:42

Um, you've described Alastair Darling as the leader of the yes campaign. You might want to change that . . .

StoorieHoose Wed 20-Aug-14 17:40:01

Survey complete although I am unsure of what difference the leaders attractiveness makes to the campaign

RawCoconutMacaroon Wed 20-Aug-14 17:40:35

I'm sure Alistair will be most surprised!

To whom are our views being sold?

WildThong Wed 20-Aug-14 18:09:44

Done. Will be interesting to find out which newspaper.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 20-Aug-14 18:40:55

Um "keep the pound" of course we can keep using the pound! Does the survey questioner no mean currency union?

mawbroon Wed 20-Aug-14 19:05:09


TheScottishPlay Wed 20-Aug-14 19:17:36

Yes being 'allowed to keep the pound' bemuses me too.

Spinaroo Wed 20-Aug-14 19:29:36

Done- I assume our usernames will not appear in the press?

dashoflime Wed 20-Aug-14 19:34:49

Done. Not sure why I've been asked to give an opinion on the attractiveness of Salmond and Darling. Its not really relevant is it? Everyone knows politics is rock and roll for ugly people

TheScottishPlay Wed 20-Aug-14 19:41:19


expatinscotland Wed 20-Aug-14 19:48:59


gildedlily Wed 20-Aug-14 19:55:38

done though I felt a bit uncomfortable about the attractiveness bit if this meant physically attractive. Also interested in knowing who the research is for.

FannyFifer Wed 20-Aug-14 20:20:53

I think Alistair Darling is doing a fantastic job for the YES campaign.

Alex Salmond is not the leader of the YES campaign though.

FannyFifer Wed 20-Aug-14 20:21:25

Daily Mail though eh?

Elliptic5 Wed 20-Aug-14 21:09:05

Completed, some interesting questions hmm

KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Aug-14 21:12:21

Hi All,

Thanks so much to to those of you who've already taken part, it's with the Sunday Times.

Apologies for typo. on Alistair Darling, we'll get that fixed. I take attractiveness to mean more along lines of who you'd have a drink with, rather than physically (snort at dashoflime's observation), but you're free to interpret it any way you'd like.

No usernames will appear in paper, all comments (if any are included) will be anonymous, or if you said you'd be happy to be contacted, you can talk to a journalist and let them know your real name, but that's completely up to you, and no need to volunteer for that if it's not something you fancy.

WildThong Wed 20-Aug-14 21:17:15

The Sunday Times has been quite good with its reporting relating to the referendum. I Will be very interested to see the final outcome.

theborrower Wed 20-Aug-14 21:24:36


Questions 16 and 17 still need correcting though

RuinedAndNotorious Wed 20-Aug-14 21:30:47

Well, I've done it but the results will be somewhat skewed as there was no option to say I had no children. I know it's Mumsnet but not all posters have kids.

KatieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 20-Aug-14 22:00:49

Hi RuinedAndNotorious apologies, that usually is an option. Again we'll correct in the morning.

museumum Wed 20-Aug-14 22:02:14

Completed. Even though it didn't really deal with any of the issues that matter to me. It's not all about economics you know. What about social justice? The environment? Nuclear arms?

OldLadyKnowsSomething Wed 20-Aug-14 22:11:52 Ali Darling was quite cute in his socialist youth...

<apols for thread derailment>

OldLadyKnowsSomething Wed 20-Aug-14 22:20:43 And so was young Alex, look at those puppy dog eyes...

(OK, I'll leave the thread now. But I did do the survey.)

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