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NOW CLOSED Calling all mothers...please take a super quick, one question poll....

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 23-Jan-14 11:56:20


We have a super quick one question poll for you - it's open to all MNers who are mothers.

Eternal and grateful thanks in advance

Here's the link



Two questions there, AnnMumsnet!

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Thu 23-Jan-14 19:51:10


GoofyIsACow Thu 23-Jan-14 19:51:40

Both answered!

LyndaCartersBigPants Thu 23-Jan-14 19:56:01

There wasn't an 'all of the above' option.

DameFanny Thu 23-Jan-14 19:57:08


hazeyjane Thu 23-Jan-14 20:01:30

LyndaCarter - I put that in the Other answer! Am actually a bit surprised to realise this is the case.

BakingBad Thu 23-Jan-14 20:01:46


grin LyndaCarter

Blondieminx Thu 23-Jan-14 20:03:40

Done smile

CloserLook Fri 24-Jan-14 10:55:03


Avalon Fri 24-Jan-14 11:02:41


WeAreSix Fri 24-Jan-14 11:05:57


Took me a while to decide which was the biggest, definitely all have happened!

Preciousbane Fri 24-Jan-14 11:06:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheProsAndConsOfHitchhiking Fri 24-Jan-14 11:08:32

Done, but there should have been more options not just one choice.

mummyxtwo Fri 24-Jan-14 11:23:15

Answered. The second question should be more specific though - what age is your youngest or oldest child, for eg. My children span more than one age group box.

Dwerf Mon 27-Jan-14 18:05:28

done. my biggest sacrifice? My youth.

GwendolineMaryLacey Mon 27-Jan-14 18:07:43

Done. That was a very hard question. I ticked nearly all of them in turn before settling on one.

Mintyy Mon 27-Jan-14 18:18:07

What is this data going to be used for?

StealthPolarBear Mon 27-Jan-14 18:42:50

Yes GML - because I needed a big BUT I DON'T ACTUALLY MIND tickbox

StealthPolarBear Mon 27-Jan-14 18:43:15

although for the one I picked (independence) I do actually mind grin

lunar1 Mon 27-Jan-14 18:56:37

Done but I wanted to answer all, but I don't mind.

Waitingforflo Mon 27-Jan-14 19:12:34

Have done - it took all different age groups from me though.

Waitingforflo Mon 27-Jan-14 19:13:52

I don't mind either so I went for the 'none' box - actually, it got me thinking . . .

DameDeepRedBetty Mon 27-Jan-14 19:19:14

If you'd added a third question - 'Do you actually mind?', I'd have been able to say 'yes, it's had a detrimental effect on my longterm financial position, and yes, it did have a detrimental effect on my relationship with my partner, although that's ok again now, but no, I wouldn't have not had my children for the world'.

AtYourCervix Mon 27-Jan-14 19:24:16

Yes. All of the above.

And sometimes I don't mind.

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