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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 08-Jul-13 14:49:56

It's survey time again for the team at MNHQ.

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey about how you feel about a specific topic on MN.

It's open to all MNers.

As a thank you, all respondents (who leave their details at the end) will be entered into a prize draw in which one MNer will win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Here's the link:

Thanks and good luck

LilyAmaryllis Wed 10-Jul-13 09:56:54

I've learned a (shocking) lot about domestic abuse/emotional abuse snce being on Mumsnet, its made me start a monthly donation to WomensAid.

cakesonatrain Wed 10-Jul-13 12:42:45

Done diddley done done.

JammyDodger1 Wed 10-Jul-13 14:44:26

All completed here too!

TeWiSavesTheDay Wed 10-Jul-13 15:22:27


Ann - I asked this on one of the other surveys', but didn't see a reply - do I need to put the email address my MN account is hooked up to, because I haven't the last few times (don't use that email)

NewLifeDownSouth Wed 10-Jul-13 15:27:56

Done smile

IsaacCox Wed 10-Jul-13 16:24:21


NeverTooManyCats Wed 10-Jul-13 16:24:43


FlouncyMcFlouncer Wed 10-Jul-13 17:10:12


wornoutbutstillwonderful Wed 10-Jul-13 17:20:10

Yep I've done it as well.

Surf25 Wed 10-Jul-13 20:07:47

Done. V interesting!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Jul-13 20:12:01

TeWiSavesTheDay yes please.

Alambil Wed 10-Jul-13 21:20:58


I explained an answer or two in the "if yes" space because I felt it important to explain... sorry!

Patchouli Wed 10-Jul-13 21:41:37

I just would've like to have explained that while I do now consider myself as more of a feminist and the way I view certain issues has changed: I don't know how much of that is to do with mumsnet, or becoming a mum, or becoming a mum to daughters - they've sort of come along in my life at the same time.

greenhill Wed 10-Jul-13 21:42:58


PiddlingWeather Wed 10-Jul-13 23:09:39


BooMeowson Wed 10-Jul-13 23:23:15

Makes sense about the thread title, I might not have clicked if I thought it was about feminism.

I did think it was about your other survey though, fairly sure I'm not even sure why I clicked. I might be tempted to make it clearer it's a different MN survey?

BackforGood Fri 12-Jul-13 11:25:33

I was going to say the same as Boo.
I've got the feminism threads on here hidden because they are just so awful - I certainly wouldn't have opened (and completed) the survey if you'd put it in the title.

I wouldn't call myself a feminist.

That doesn't mean I don't care about equality, or have misogynistic opinions.

It just means I hate the concept of a label being needed to prove I believe in equal rights for all humans, and have a dislike of abuse or unpleasant behaviour.

I also feel that the 'feminist' tag is adopted by a huge range of different viewpoints and I actually don't agree with some of them and don't wish to align myself with them in any way.

My beliefs are, and have always been, that all humans should have equal rights and opportunities and be free do so what they want with their lives. However males and females are different in many physiological senses and I think it's ridiculous to suggest that they aren't. Neither is better but biologically women and men tend to have different strengths and weaknesses.

I believe difference can be celebrated without leading to discrimination or abuse, and that is what I feel society should be aiming for... not feminist ideals of women being assimilated into a male world, but a world where men and women are equal in value but proud of their gender and the particular strengths it brings.

I found that survey didn't ask the questions I wanted to answer and suggested if I'm not a feminist I must be a misogynistic , ignorant person hmm I think at the very least you should have had more 'explain' boxes.

MardyBra Fri 12-Jul-13 13:08:34

"My beliefs are, and have always been, that all humans should have equal rights and opportunities and be free do so what they want with their lives."
"I believe difference can be celebrated without leading to discrimination or abuse, and that is what I feel society should be aiming for"

That sounds exactly like a feminist to me summer.

Not the feminists I've come across.

I have nothing against the concept in general terms but as I said, the label is used by women with views i do not agree with, and who I have no wish to associate with (many threads on MN being perfect examples of this)

acrabadabra Fri 12-Jul-13 13:45:40


MardyBra Fri 12-Jul-13 13:57:25

I don't want to turn this into a bunfight long debate, but I beg to disagree. Feminists don't all want to be like men, but just have an equal deal in a world where inequality is still the norm. From what you've posted, you and I think in a pretty similar way, but I consider myself a feminist.

And I have no objection to you doing so.

However I choose not to do so, and it really isn't anyone else's business to be bothered by that.

MardyBra Fri 12-Jul-13 14:17:20

That's fine, but I still think you have a fundamental misconception of what feminism is. smile

BackforGood Fri 12-Jul-13 16:53:29

Mardy - I think the threads that I used to see on here though (before I found the 'hide' button) seem to attract people who hold extreme views. I wouldn't align myself with them either, but, like Summer feel everybody should be treated equally. Probably depends on what your definition of 'being a feminist' is.

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