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This topic is for surveys for Mumsnet HQ and their clients. If you'd like to commission a survey of MN members email Non MN surveys will be deleted.

NOW CLOSED Do you have a child at primary school in England? Complete this short survey and you could win cash!

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Aug-11 14:56:10

We have a survey for you to take part in - it's on behalf of Schoolzone and their client, an educational publisher. They'd like to ask you about how you support your child at home to help them get on well at school.

This survey should take around 10 minutes to complete, and is aimed at parents and carers of primary school aged children in England. All responses will be entered into a cash prize draw, with a first prize of £300, second prize of £150 and third prize of £50

Schoolzone has put the survey together so it looks slightly different to other surveys you may have taken part in on Mumsnet. NB This survey has been sent out to the panel so please do not complete it twice if you have already done it. Please click on the link below to take part.

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw.

OneHundredPercentFucked Thu 04-Aug-11 15:23:36


WhipMeIndiana Thu 04-Aug-11 15:29:11

done smile

SpottyFrock Thu 04-Aug-11 15:45:13

Ive done it but I do think a couple of the questions could have been clearer or expanded. (in case they're reading smile)

They asked about resources to support learning but then only really offered academic stuff in their options. As a teacher with one bright child and one very able child, I'd like to see more resources that stretch children in the broader sense rather than workbooks and websites for them to practise adding and reading scores of words.

TheOriginalFAB Thu 04-Aug-11 16:03:39

done here too

ilovesprouts Thu 04-Aug-11 16:08:53


numptysmummy Thu 04-Aug-11 16:36:59


RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 04-Aug-11 19:50:20


bbbbob Thu 04-Aug-11 20:51:51


taczilla Thu 04-Aug-11 21:14:29


AmberLeaf Thu 04-Aug-11 23:41:51


stickylittlefingers Fri 05-Aug-11 01:58:27


MeMySonAndI Fri 05-Aug-11 02:26:25


munstersmum Fri 05-Aug-11 09:18:35

Done. Rally hope they don't come out with a Bakugan based model gringrin

gorionine Fri 05-Aug-11 09:52:34


I agree with spottyfrog

hester Fri 05-Aug-11 12:33:28


chickenlickin Sat 06-Aug-11 20:24:35


JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 06-Aug-11 20:33:41


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