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NOW CLOSED: Have you had a baby in the last 3 years? Please complete a short survey about cord care for Huggies® - you could win a £250 JL voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Jul-11 09:30:56

We have been asked by Huggies® to find out your views on and experiences with your newborn baby's umbilical cord.

Huggies® has launched a new feature on its Newborn size one nappies which will help parents to care for their little one's umbilical cord. Midwifery expert Nikki Khan says: "Cord care is often a surprise to new mums and something they perhaps had not considered until the arrival of their baby. Huggies® has launched a great innovation - it is such a simple change but will make a huge difference for new mums."

Huggies® would like to how know you coped with the cord, what advice you were given on caring for it, and any issues which arose.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It is open to all Mumsnetters in the UK who have had a baby in the last three years.

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will receive a £250 John Lewis voucher.

If you have had more than one baby, please think about your most recent baby when completing the survey, as Huggies® want to hear about your most recent experiences.

Thanks and good luck.


VelvetSnow Mon 18-Jul-11 19:13:33

Well done chickenlickin envy

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Jul-11 19:07:34

Thanks everyone - the winner of the £250 John Lewis voucher is chickenlickin - well done!

hoops997 Sun 17-Jul-11 21:02:40

done, hope I win grin

januaryjojo Sun 17-Jul-11 20:54:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moodymary Sun 17-Jul-11 20:54:05


AnnieLobeseder Sun 17-Jul-11 17:40:32

I filled in the survey just to point out that I used washable nappies which were cleverly designed to go around the cord. Doubt I'll be in line for the prize now, but it was fun anyway!

southmum Sun 17-Jul-11 16:40:19


BellsaRinging Sun 17-Jul-11 15:52:48


FriggFRIGG Sun 17-Jul-11 13:04:09

if i beg on here,am i more likely to win?
if so....

<gets down on knees>
< pleeeeeeeese!!! >

Verso Sun 17-Jul-11 06:17:06


theborrower Sat 16-Jul-11 19:40:31


notcitrus Sat 16-Jul-11 14:23:10

Done. Nappies on ds didn't reach the stump as he was so long, so not an issue.

I was wondering what other people were told as I was just told to leave it alone until it fell off, and it did around day 3 by which time I hadn't yet done a 'normal bathtime'.

happymole Sat 16-Jul-11 12:55:21


crikeybadger Sat 16-Jul-11 12:51:56

done. Although I thought they'd asked if we'd kept the cord rather than the clamp. Bleuurrgggh!

spout Sat 16-Jul-11 08:22:06

I'm not sure if DH's urge to mount the stump on a shield and hang it over the mantelpiece counts as a 'tradition' but I thought Huggies should be aware of it grin

NB this idea was firmly vetoed. The massive weirdo.

mummy2maisie Sat 16-Jul-11 08:13:22

Done grin

Gauchitaconpanza Sat 16-Jul-11 07:37:19

Done smile

Longtalljosie Sat 16-Jul-11 06:49:10

done smile

IsSamNormansDad Fri 15-Jul-11 23:19:17

done smile

tillyfernackerpants Fri 15-Jul-11 23:14:37

Done smile

WhatWouldLeoDo Fri 15-Jul-11 22:56:05

Darn it, my email address is wrong in the form (pesky auto-correct).

IDrinkFromTheirSkulls Fri 15-Jul-11 22:55:14

Done grin

AngelDog Fri 15-Jul-11 22:44:32

Done. Agree it's just a marketing gimmick but worth doing the survey!

StealthPolarBear Fri 15-Jul-11 21:25:11

marketing gimmick surely
I'm still going to fill it in though

shuckleberryfinn Fri 15-Jul-11 21:23:31

hee, Poorbuthappy I hate disposible nappies and their vendors with an illogically strong feeling, never used em. See if that chucks me out ;)

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