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This topic is for surveys for Mumsnet HQ and their clients. If you'd like to commission a survey of MN members email Non MN surveys will be deleted.


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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-Jun-11 19:47:11

Here at MNHQ, it's essential for us to build a profile of the folks who use Mumsnet, to help us attract the most appropriate advertisers and sponsors as well as find out how folks feel about the site. So we would very much like everyone (this means ALL Mumsnetters! Newbies, oldies, in-betweeners, lurkers, regulars, overseas MNers, even men smile) to complete our census. This is our third census survey - we've taken to running them every two years and would like as many of you as possible to complete it.

As a special thank you we have lined up some lovely prizes - everyone who takes part in the survey and who adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw where you could win one the following:
~ A three night break in one of the Luxury Family Hotels - worth £1500
~ A £500 voucher for Oliver Bonas
~ A £200 Pizza Express voucher
~ A £100 Disney Store voucher
~ A goodie basket for the ultimate girls' night in courtesy of Foxy Bingo (worth £150)
~ A picnic hamper from Ambrosia and a month's supply of their Custard Coated Fruit Flakes (worth £100+)
~ A stay in a holiday cottage in North Devon from Farm & Cottage Holidays
~ £100 voucher
or even a copy of our new book, Mumsnet Rules.

For more details and T&Cs please click here

Overseas Mumsnetters - many of the vouchers above can be used for delivery overseas, subject to delivery costs and we'd be more than happy - should you win - to send our book to you!

Please do take the time to fill in this short(ish!) survey and tell us all about you and how you use Mumsnet. Just so you know, there are about 40 [very interesting] questions.

All responses are confidential and no individual details will be passed on to any third parties.

The highlights of the census will be published on the site so you can see how you compare to everyone else.

Here's the link again

Thanks (and good luck).

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-Jun-11 23:16:02

whomovedmychocolate - stickers all round....there may even be a Brownie point up for grabs grin

Awomancalledhorse Wed 29-Jun-11 23:22:57

Done! Couldn't think of any suggestions, MN is perfect as is! <flutters long horsey eyelashes at MNHQ> grin.

Thinkofanumber Wed 29-Jun-11 23:38:33


hellymelly Wed 29-Jun-11 23:42:32

I have filled in loads of surveys and have never been asked that before. it bothered me enough that I left the survey,even though I did see the "prefer not to answer" option. I have chatted with DH about it, and he said that it is sometimes used as part of stereotyping in surveys,but I'm still unhappy about it.

posterofagirl Wed 29-Jun-11 23:44:58


Mbear Wed 29-Jun-11 23:54:53

Done - can I have a prize please? I never win anything <<very sad and sorry for self which one would hope would garner some sympathy and lead to prize fixing emoticon>> No, oh well with a try!

MadameBoo Thu 30-Jun-11 00:06:02

oh the hotel break...

We stayed in one of those hotels on our honeymoon night. I am yearning to go back <fingers crossed very very tightly).

AwesomePan Thu 30-Jun-11 00:39:36

done. And I want to go on the break with Mariella Frostrup, please. Thank you.

TheRealMBJ Thu 30-Jun-11 06:11:59

Done. Please can I win something this time? I ALWAYS complete these damn things. grin

gillybean2 Thu 30-Jun-11 06:46:43


hophophippidtyhop Thu 30-Jun-11 06:59:10

Done, just wanted to say that in the question asking about what catagory is closest for your job, there's no box for the creative/design jobs.

muddyangels123 Thu 30-Jun-11 08:18:47

Done smile

5inthebed Thu 30-Jun-11 08:42:01


sockmonkey Thu 30-Jun-11 08:46:50

Done. Any prize will do, I'm not fussy ;)

LaVitaBellissima Thu 30-Jun-11 08:59:50

The question about Mumsnet meet ups, does this mean meeting other mumsnetters in general or only if you've been to the Xmas party etc?

I ticked it because I've met other mumsnetters through my antenatal thread but never been to any "organised" meet ups confused

talkingnonsense Thu 30-Jun-11 09:02:52

Done... Can we close it now and share out the prizes?grin

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 30-Jun-11 09:10:07

Done, but please add Bravissimo as a company who I'd like to see involved with MN smile.

SunshineAndBlueSkies Thu 30-Jun-11 09:20:29


kandinskysgirl Thu 30-Jun-11 09:31:08

Completed smile

HelloKlitty Thu 30-Jun-11 09:34:49

Back shortly!

debka Thu 30-Jun-11 09:56:31


Blatherskite Thu 30-Jun-11 10:07:08


SexyDragonStarlet Thu 30-Jun-11 10:10:50

Done! any prize please ;-)

RustyBear Thu 30-Jun-11 10:24:38

Done it, though I thought the alternatives for things you've done on MN were a bit badly worded - 'Haven't done' or 'Am aware but haven't done/don't know how to do' - I am aware of nearly all the things listed and know how to do them, but I ticked that column if I hadn't actually done them because the other one implies i'm not aware of them.
So if the point of this question is to find out whether you need to make people aware of stuff or whether they are aware but don't know how to do it, I think the results might be misleading.

Oh, and there was no option for 'I do my mumsnetting on Ipad/iphone but on the normal site'

jemjabella Thu 30-Jun-11 10:25:10


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