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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Dec-10 14:36:16

Farmhouse Breakfast Week is an annual campaign that in 2011 runs from 23 - 29 January. This year's theme is "Shake Up Your Wake Up" and organisers HGCA are challenging everyone to rethink their morning routine.

In advance of the week in January they have asked us to find out all about your mornings - is it a struggle? Do you find time for breakfast? What would help you have more time for yourself?

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey - everyone who does and who adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will receive a £250 Love to Shop voucher (accepted in 20,000 UK stores).

This survey is open to all Mumsnetters with at least one child in the UK.

Thanks and good luck,

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Dec-10 18:43:12


TheYuleLogLady Mon 06-Dec-10 18:50:11

Done but I work silly shifts so I did a sort of average.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Dec-10 18:54:43

thanks - yulelog..!

Reality Mon 06-Dec-10 18:54:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rannaldini Mon 06-Dec-10 21:26:23

done done done done done

maxybrown Mon 06-Dec-10 21:28:58

done smile

poorbuthappy Mon 06-Dec-10 21:33:18


BecauseImWorthIt Mon 06-Dec-10 21:33:22

Done grin

JenniferCanesten Tue 07-Dec-10 00:00:51


AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-Dec-10 08:19:17


ethelinaTheBloodyGreatXmasElf Tue 07-Dec-10 09:24:33

Done grin I love my breakfast, me.

Guacamohohohole Tue 07-Dec-10 12:42:03

Done, but my breakfast is usually a little bit of Ready Brek, whatever DS leaves.

escape Tue 07-Dec-10 13:04:24


nameymacnamechanger Tue 07-Dec-10 13:24:10


My morning routine:

hit and curse alarm clock, hug ds, stroke dog, stroke cat, get out of bed hmm, breakfasts all round, dressed, brush teeth + wash faces, out the door.

orangina Tue 07-Dec-10 13:24:58


loonyrationalist Tue 07-Dec-10 13:32:28


One thing you would want for the morning - I feel the a glaring omission from the list of desirable things was "children who listen & follow instructions "

Gracie123 Tue 07-Dec-10 14:16:18


EdgarAllenSnow Tue 07-Dec-10 14:16:53

i jut want to sleep more. that option wasn't there.

bluebump Tue 07-Dec-10 15:33:08


moonbells Tue 07-Dec-10 15:56:07

There was the option of an extra hour. You could sleep in it...

Slobbadan Tue 07-Dec-10 16:25:16


TheChewyToffeeMum Tue 07-Dec-10 17:38:27


CuppaTeaJanice Tue 07-Dec-10 17:49:46

Didn't have chocolate cake and custard as a breakfast option. Surely everyone else eats that too?.........just me?......

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-Dec-10 17:52:10

And a cuppa? smile

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