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Sertraline-night sweats

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molly2312 Tue 11-Sep-18 11:23:30

Hi not sure if I'm in the right place, fingers crossed I am. I have been on Sertraline for years and been having the most horrendous night sweats. I have to get changed a few times during the night and end up on the sofa, that was so wet this morning I have had to wash the covers. After my chemist told me it could be the tablets my GP took me off them 150mg down to 0mg in 2 weeks which resulted in me losing the plot and having a breakdown. The Dr has now put me back on them and the night sweats came back immediately. I know it may seem trivial but I get no sleep and this is happening every night. I'm constantly washing bed and sofa covers and just can't do this anymore. Does anyone know of any other medication or anything at all that can stop this happening. I need some sleep and so does my poor husband who ends up with a sleepless night too. Thanks in advance for any help.

Klmn Tue 16-Oct-18 00:27:24

I am so sorry you are going through this. I am also taking Sertraline (9 months now), and I subsquently struggle with tinitus, head zaps, itchy skin and dizzy spells, I have very slowly reduced my dosage, and the head zaps are lessening. I'd be very careful coming off the pills, and would advise reducing the dosage slowly. I was on 50mgs, and now on 25mgs for the last 3 months, feeling more settled, and will half them again under direction of my GP. I also have serious hot flushes and had put this down to menopause, I'd not thought it could be the sertraline. See your Dr asap but please reduce the amount really slowly. Best wishes

idontlikeitiloveit Tue 16-Oct-18 06:05:32

You have to come off it slowly. I tried to come off mine in 2 weeks and am now back on a quarter tablet, for a month. Withdrawal symptoms of rapid heart beat and was awake for days with my heart pounding through my chest. My dr said it takes some people a month to come off.

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