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Am I being selfish?

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Amtat66 Tue 27-Mar-18 20:15:27

Am still being selfish? I have been sepoarested from my ex for four and a half years. For the first day year I received NO child maintenance for my four children as I’d felt guilty for instigating the separation- my ex was addicted to sexting and more and I couldn’t take it anymore. From the sale of our house I was able to purchase a 3 bed house to home the five of us. My ex would have the younger children eow and on a Wednesday evening from about 8-830 (although this changes if he’s going to watch football with the older children or works late) I’ve been in a stable relationship for 3 years and became engaged a year ago. I always mentioned to my ex that I would give a guarantee to stay in the immediate area until my younger child finished primary, but after that would not be tied down. I am originally from the midlands 21/2 hours away, my family are there, my fiancé is from there and his work is centred in that area and there is also a far better a school (outstanding) in the area. My daughter knows the area well and is very close to my family. Where we presently live, we have no family at all (either from my family or my ex’s). My fiancé and I currently take turns driving up and down the motorways to spend time together and We are getting married next year. I have mentioned that my husband to be and I are prepared to drive ‘down’ once a month to help make the distNce easier and my family have offered my ex accommodation to make his life easier at my end. Bearing in mind all of the above, am I being selfish?

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