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Evap line??

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Mbhoffmanrc86 Sat 10-Feb-18 20:24:39

Hello ladies, My husband and I are not trying to conceive but a condom did have a slip up last month. I was 5 days for my period, took some frept and all have been negative, except yesterday morning I took one, let it sit for about 6-8 minutes, didn't take my time to thoughly look at it, figured it was negative. Took the test to work with me to throw it away an hour later and I happened to notice a very faint light pink thinish line. I took another test 4 hours later and their was no faint pink line, not even after a couple of hours. Well, I do believe I started my period finally late last night, it appears to be my period anyways. Before when I was late, for 2 days, I had brownish and pinkish stuff on my tampons, not much, very very little and it was only here and their(I wear tampons when I know I'm suppose to start to prevent nastyness lol. ) I even had small slight cramps here and their also for those 2 days, nothing like my normal cramps, they didn't hurt as bad. Even though I do believe that I actually started my period now, I went ahead and took another test this morning and it was a negative, no pink faint line or anything, which makes me believe that the one test with a faint pink line is just an evap line, but I'm just curious to see what all of you ladies think. I normally start my period on time, 5 days late is un normal for me, normally I'm only a day or 2 late. Is their a way to post pictures? Tia

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