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Cow milk protein allergy and reflux

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Katielow Mon 09-Oct-17 18:17:09

HI. Hope someone can help. My 21 week old son has been diagnosed with cmpa and reflux. Following being back and forth to Gp we have been seen by the peaditrician who has prescribed aptimil pepti 1, lansoprazole and gaviscon. He has been on the lansoprazole for 9 days now with no improvement. He struggles to take his milk, crying, wriggling around and only has 3oz a time each feed. He continues to vomit following the majority of feeds. The paediatrician said we will try neocate if no improvement. I am wondering if he will need to continue on reflux medication or whether neocate will solve the problems? Also if the lansoprazole was going to work would it if worked by now? Hope somebody can advice. Thanks

EssexMummy123456 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:17:28

Hi Katielow - there's a forum called 'little refluxers' which might be able to offer more advice, also you could just buy a tin of neocate from the pharmacist and if it works then your GP should be able to give you a prescription., we switched my daughter to Oatly milk around 1, oh and we had to keep my little girl upright for about 45 minutes after feeding

Katielow Sun 15-Oct-17 20:55:49

Thank you I will have a look.
We started him on neocate and he's much improved and continues with lansoprazole. I will ask the peaditrician for advice when we see him. Thanks

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