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Help I'm worried!

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Rosiemay888 Mon 21-Nov-16 20:11:04

I am now 14 weeks pregnant, and had a scan and bloods taken at 12 weeks where I booked my 20 week scan on 6th Jan. I have now had a letter from the hospital telling me to come in for a obstetrics appointment on the 6th of Dec?! They have given no reason. I am 32, good bmi, no previous births and no bad family history. Am worried it's something they found in my blood or scan. Does this mean I am high risk for some reason? confused thanks for any help.

notasillysausage Tue 22-Nov-16 19:49:29

Hi Rosie, I am also 14 weeks and have an appointment booked with consultant. My bmi is 30.5 so that is why I am, do you have your notes? If so, if you read through there should be something that indicates if you are consultant led rather than midwife. I would also ring the midwife if you can't find anything obvious in your notes!

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