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How do I start a thread?

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Thirtyrock39 Fri 21-Oct-16 16:03:45

As title I can comment but don't know how u start a new thread???

LifeIsGoodish Fri 21-Oct-16 16:38:17

You just have.

Sosidges Fri 21-Oct-16 17:03:35

Go to talk, A-Z find the subject you want to start a thread on.
Just above where it says 'add your message here' you will see start a new thread in this topic

Hiphopopotamus Fri 21-Oct-16 17:09:24

Really? You've just started a thread

HalloToJasonIsaacs Fri 21-Oct-16 17:18:22

You already know how: it's the where you're having trouble with.

And yes, what Sosidges said.

But well done for having an actual user name!

Thirtyrock39 Fri 21-Oct-16 18:14:05

Thanks I genuinely couldn't work it out and thought it was only possible on mumsnet hq as thought it was a help page... got it now!!

penworth Thu 22-Dec-16 00:52:22

Does anyone have any experience of Bethany School in Kent?
Or any other schools around the SE and Sussex that are great for mild/moderate dyslexia.
My DS was diagnosed in Year 6 with mild to moderate and it manifests in spelling (not reading) and consequently writing. He also has issues around Maths tests/retaining what he's been taught. And focusing.
He's currently Year 9 in a comprehensive but he gets no support at all. In fact, everything is a battle: to get him moved up a set in Maths, to get them to help with other ways of raising self-esteem and self-belief. Seriously - nightmare! But it is quite a tunnel--visioned academic school. Plus my input is exceeding my battery levels. They're running almost flat!
He's on target for mainly Levels 6s, a couple of 5s, one L7 and one L8 in the new money (GCSEs) but because of the lack of rounding the whole person, we're now thinking of forking out on a mainstream specialist school. I'm just not convinced he'll reach his potential if he stays put and as i said, doing it yourself is a killer.
We looked at Seaford and it seemed OK, a bit haphazard in how they dealt with queries, great dyslexia unit but not convinced how much that disseminated throughout the school.... but they were full anyway. A friend whose child goes there gets a bit annoyed with clubs not running and has the usual gripes, although another one loves it for her two DC.
Bethany seems really good, but I don't know for sure whether it is or not. He's got a healthy IQ and very high verbal ability, slow processing speeds and that spelling thing. Any advice would be appreciated.
I don't want to uproot him if these specialist schools hold him back as I think he could get good results. (Apparently only the top set for English at Bethany does Eng Lit for example.) Sometimes top two sets.
Over-anxious, worried of making a mistake mum! (Hand in mouth)

penworth Thu 22-Dec-16 00:53:40

Sorry. Haven't got the hang of this. Just posted in the wrong place, having spent ages trying to find out how to post.
Trying again...

MyUsername138 Sun 01-Jan-17 20:43:01

My dd1 (12) just announced she wants to quit rowing. Should I let her? She rows twice a week but she says it just isn't fun anymore be she feels like she's the worst in her boat. She says it's too much of a commitment as we often how to go out for 8 hours plus for regattas. But I love the rowing community and she seems like she has potential in the sport (very tall, strong etc). Am I being unreasonable? Should I let her quit?

MyUsername138 Sun 01-Jan-17 20:43:58

Sorry meant to start new thread!!

lynn66 Sat 18-Mar-17 10:30:08

Ladies - I'm seriously considering moving back to Plymouth and I just need advice about primary schools. My daughter will be going into year 6 in September. She is dyslexic, therefore i would ideally like somewhere that has a good learning support department. She's also quite shy too and having lived abroad her whole life is quite reserved. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated - we'd be living in the Freedom Fields area. Thank you.

Dianag111 Mon 03-Jul-17 23:34:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgathaRaisonDetra Mon 03-Jul-17 23:38:49

My banana has gone mouldy. Should I TIBTTS?

WicksEnd Mon 03-Jul-17 23:42:35

I've got a spot on the end of my nose. Should I squeeze it or leave it be?

silvermoon3 Thu 20-Jul-17 03:02:32

Has anyone had a terrible experience with my ?
I've just had the most awful experience with my builder, and Howden's kitchens
The kitchen cost me just over 15,000
I purchased everything myself, I paid my builder £4000.00 out of that, I found him on my builder, I knew very clearly I had been ripped off, but was desperate for a kitchen as my previous one was in a terrible state
And seriously needed replacing The kitchen from Howden's cost me £5500 but I wasn't told about the add-ons
When he completed the job he gave me a quote for my lounge and hallway, which was absolutely ridiculous! For laminate floor
26 m...and a TV unit, also painting the lounge said it would take him 3 weeks to complete, in my opinion that's far too long.
£4000.00 plus pay him £2500 for his labour
So expensive! Which I couldn't afford and he didn't seem to understand that.
I found someone else a reparable company who deal with the laminar flooring for £1377
The job was done in a couple of hours Supply and fit, And I bought a TV unit which didn't cost much
However, I invited this so call builder to do some small jobs for me, He literally lost it
he became verbally aggressive especially after seeing my floor and my TV unit probably realised his service isn't required.
Started showing me emails and pictures of jobs he had completed, were he had charged thousands of pounds... lol.
He got more and more angry and said I don't get out of bed for these small jobs.
I asked him to remove the fan from the wall
And Change two light switches, £150.00 he said whole day job... I did say to him when he was shouting at me, greed gets you nowhere, his response to that, I don't care.
He was bragging about how many people have paid Him 7 grand 8-10 grand
I haven't had much luck on my builder has anyone else had a similar experience.
I won't be using him again he really frightened me, and will never shop at Howden's again, total cons!

OvariesForgotHerPassword Thu 20-Jul-17 03:04:30

This thread is like a roller coaster ride.

SerfTerf Thu 20-Jul-17 03:08:56


milkysmum Thu 20-Jul-17 05:14:31

What on earth is going on with this thread!?

Ef1975 Wed 09-Aug-17 23:38:08

I hope anyone can give me some input here. I'm 42 and for many years I've had issues of body image, trust and relationships. I'd been reading recently of people who had difficult childhoods And who have had similar issues to me in growing up.
When I was around 7 or 8 my mum had a neighbour who was lovely, I went everywhere with my mum and would never allow her to leave me and no matter where she went I went with her. however this neighbour was married to a man who would grab me and tickle me, try to kiss me in the neck in front of his wife and my mum. I remember crying my eyes out and my mum and his wife laughing at my over exaguration. This went on for a few years and hated when mum visited but as I was so close to mum I put up with it. I later found out that the guy in question had a brother who had been convicted on child abuse and I felt sick. Even although nothing intimate happened, I'm just looking for advice from members as my adult life has been plagued with eating disorders, serious issues with weight and body issues and sexual intimacy, I've never actually told my husband about this for fear of being ridiculed but I always remember being really scared of this guy even at young age, thanks for your comments in advance xxx

Ef1975 Wed 09-Aug-17 23:53:28

Not sure if this has been posted... first time xx

HighAlert Wed 09-Aug-17 23:55:46

Must be a full moon.

Terfing Thu 10-Aug-17 19:31:47

This thread belongs in 'classics'!

beaubeau11 Mon 14-Aug-17 18:57:21

Hello I would love to know what you all think of my problem, I am married with 3 children I have been with the same man for 17 years we have mortgage etc and work hard to provide for our children, My mother has never been there for me or the children emotionally its always been one of those relationships where you talk about the weather, over the years I have always felt I needed to prove myself to her i.e have to have house and kids immaculate for eg if she ever came round to my house she would always find something to criticise for eg (your windows are much smaller then mine if I had those windows they would be spick and span) I have 3 young children!!!
she also always asks me if iv lost any weight yet? this is just a couple of examples many more if I went on.

My mother is very lazy and doesn't like to go out shopping etc garden centre soft plays etc she just likes me to go over and sit and talk about nothing while my 2 year old potters in the garden this is ok on occasions but on my days off I like to be out and about with my daughter two sons are at school.

over the last year things have got worse as she constantly complains about illnesses always at doctors etc, believe me its all attention.

she got a gastric band and has lost 3 stone and although im happy for her she makes me feel massive (im a size 14) asking me if I want her old clothes etc how cheeky?? im only 31.

My sister is about to get married for the 3rd time she recently got a brand new build on the council and goes to college doesn't have to pay for this, plus she works doing beauty for herself cash in hand she works from my mothers house, obviously she sees my mam a lot as she works for free from her house, and if I go t my mams she constantly talks about her wedding which is taking place September. my mam has mentioned how proud she is of my sister on fb for getting into university etc which yeah its great but she never tells me she is proud of me it seems if you get things given on a plate things are my acceptable, I sound bitter and jealous but the thing is why the hell does my mam not spend quality time with me and my children away from her house (my sister is always there)? I have tried asking her why and she says she is happy for me to go to her house she doesn't even come on Christmas or birthdays for me or the kids we always have to go there and if I take all 3 children over they are told to go in another room as there to loud ? there normal children maybe making car noises on the floor, but in the next breath she says (I never see the boys) cant win?? it all came to ahead last week when I txt her saying I wanted our relationship to improve and asked her why shes not there for me and why I have to go over to hers all the time etc we got into a big argument and she said (are you depressed or something in a nasty way) she twisted everything around on me (I am quite happy to grow as a person so I would listen if she had vaid reasons for her behaviour? I ended up going through all the bad things my sister has done and questioned why she is never proud of me> ? and guess what all that time my mother had me on loud speaker so my sister hurd it all. my sister swore at me and I hung up, my mam then called me back and I asked her why she had me on loud speaker and how dare she?? she replied that she was busy with the wedding cake I asked her why she couldn't stop doing the cake while talking to me this is an example its all about my sister.

please note my sister has always said my mam is rubbish at being a grandparent etc and that she is lazy but now she works from her house there best friends.

I have not spoke to my mam or sister for 6 days but my sister did ask my hubby what food he wanted at the wedding via txt so he replied we wouldn't be going due to the circumstances this is so awkward im so angry but I miss my mam as she's my mam, in a way though not having her in my life is a weight of my shoulders as I always felt anxious around her like I couldn't be myself.

lastly im not bothered about speaking to my sister we have never liked each other its all just been pretend over the years this is due to the past and my grandmother having her as a favourite and clearly telling me this so there has always been a wedge plus 6 year age gap.

sorry its long biscuit

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Mon 14-Aug-17 19:00:19

Wtf is this thread?!

QueenMortificado Mon 14-Aug-17 19:03:08

I love this thread grin

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