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What would you do?

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Ches123 Fri 22-Apr-16 14:51:53

If your then non residential teenage child (17/18) took something of value belonging to your new partner and disposed of it? Dad died and I met someone new after a while, child took items but denied it for over a year. We suspect strongly but keep it in house, I tried numerous times to get the truth (non threatening) but failed. Partner lies about reporting it to police to force the issue, confession ensues. Partner rips child a new a-hole in front of his family, rants a raves allsorts, understanderbly vety angry and upset. Upshot is we married three years ago but it's caused so much grief between us as he wants nothing to do with her again, does not want her to ever be around when he is, no xmas together, grandkids one day, nothing. She subsequently went to counselling that his brother insisted on, for months on end and now she's grown into an adult, still with some issues but she's matured and is now engaged. She sent him an xmas gift and he went nuts over it. We have been apart under the same roof now (not the first or second or even.....) since xmas day and are staring at divorce today (again but dtopped it) because of all the rows we've had. He feels I have let him down by not forcing the truth out sooner and making him suffer over it for all those months. I simply couldn't have reported her, it would have totally destroyed what little relationship she and I had, I stood by her while she confessed to it in a police station and I let him loose on her that night to verbally punish her. He cannot let it go, he hates her even being alive. Did I do wrong? I've tried to say that while I stood by her as her Mother as I'm all she's got (only child) , in no way did I support or condone her actions and nor could I forgive her but surely when you can't change what happened, or replace things all you can do it put it behind you and move on? Gutted and heartbroken that this has destroyed my marriage but she just doesn't seem to care. Been trying so hard to rebuild a relationship between us, she always was a Daddy's girl.

MohammedLover Tue 21-Jun-16 21:30:06

Good luck for building your new future.

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