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Mumsnet App: How to?...

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bitbybitbybit Sat 18-Apr-15 12:50:20

Hi I simply don't really know how to do a few things when typing a msgblush

Tag someone
Quote someone
Write in bold

Any help much appreciatedthanks

KP86 Thu 01-Oct-15 20:13:59

Can I hijack and add another question?

Are you able to bookmark a thread (ie. where you've read up to) in the app?


pipppopin Fri 02-Sep-16 05:55:18

No idea how the MN app works. It's a mystery to me. Any answers to the above posters questions from last year? I'd love to tag her but no idea how. Unintuitive angryDrives me nuts

Alexthekid Fri 02-Sep-16 06:03:51

To bookmark you swipe left on an entry of the post and the bookmark option comes up.
No idea how to do the other stuff though sorry!

BoolaBass Tue 13-Sep-16 01:48:12

Following. Newbie with no clue as how to strikethrough

SpeakNoWords Tue 13-Sep-16 02:39:48

You can't tag people in posts, either via the app or the website.

To quote someone, as far as I'm aware you just would copy and paste what they wrote - there's no quote function either via the app or the website.

To write in bold, put an asterisk at the beginning and one at the end of the text you want to bold. Or, press the "T" button underneath the text box and choose the bold function.

To do strikethrough, you put a double hyphen (with no spaces i.e. --) at the beginning and end of the text you want to strikethrough. Or, press the "T" button and choose the strikethrough option.

BoolaBass Tue 13-Sep-16 19:07:02

Thanks speaknowords think I'm getting the hang of things (slowly)

Katie0705 Wed 05-Apr-17 20:43:10

just testing

Katie0705 Thu 06-Apr-17 00:34:47


Gotanewusernamenow Wed 26-Jul-17 12:02:26

i am testing too.

Gotanewusernamenow Wed 26-Jul-17 12:15:43

Testing on laptop I meant to put.
Can do it on phonesmile

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