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Using Pupd but am I really on the right path?

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PreemieBlessing Sun 20-Oct-13 04:35:53

I have been using the put down pick up method and adjusted my approach to using the EASY method to help my almost 6 month baby sleep better and build a good day time routine. I am on day 6 of this routine and sleep training.

I have found that he is now able to have longer stretches of daytime naps (I don't allow him to have more than 3 hours napping per day) and he can sleep for longer periods at night, only waking if his nappy is soaked or if he's hungry.

He weighs 16lbs and I am weaning him and offering 2 meals, breakfast and dinner. His last feed is at 7pm and I offer a dream feed using Aptimal hungry milk around 11pm. I try and get him to have at least 30oz of milk during the day.

I have come across a few stumbling blocks however.

I've found that he is not interested in drinking or finishing his milk during the day. I have tried giving him milk before his solids (I am offering about 8 spoons of solids, baby rice/half Farley rusks and half a jar of hipp organic vegetable food). Milk wise I am trying to get him to finish 6oz per bottle. However he has about 2-3 oz and starts arching his back as if he's not interested.

I try and give him breaks so he drip feeds that one bottle but it can take up to an hour to finish most of ounce is almost always left.

This has led me to believe that the reason he still wakes at night for milk is because he just doesn't want enough during day.

I have also found the Easy method isnt ideal as when I offer milk after a nap he's not crying for milk. I used to do activity eat and sleep before trying this EASY method.

The final problem is that He is also restless by 6pm but I am keeping him up till 7-7.30 as I think 6 is too early as a bedtime. Am I going against his preferred sleep ?

I don't want to put him to sleep that early as it's not really practical for our lifestyle. We have a large family and are always getting together for dinner but if he sleeps early I can't really take him anywhere.

How can I get him to eat more during the day?

Please someone help.. sorry to post such a long message. I am just hoping this paints a full picture.

On the plus side he only sleeps in his cot now as opposed to co sleeping.

However today has been a terrible night as he didn't feed very well at all. We went to a wedding and I feel as though he was so distracted by everything that he didn't drink half of what he normally does -it's the earliest he's woken for a feed, at 0230 as opposed to 0400-0500.

KippyVonKipperson Mon 09-Dec-13 20:11:08

He's still quite young, he may need milk in the night, you can't ask him to drink more in the day if he's not hungry. I'm sure this will lessen over the next few months as he eats more solids. Imagine it like you being asked to eat all your meals at in the morning, and then being confused as to why you'd be hungry at 5pm.

Perhaps you could try putting him to sleep when he seems tired at 6 pm, then slowly over a few weeks bring it back slightly later? Or give him a slightly later afternoon nap? 3 hours napping per day doesn't sound that much in some ways. I know every baby is different but my 11 month old can easily have that and sleep well at night. Or could you keep him going a bit longer in the evenings bupy giving him a bath or doing something he loves?

Such a lot will change between now and 12 months I honestly don't think you should worry about it. Easier said than done I know, I found 6 months quite tough and it is hard to not to worry about setting yourself up for trouble later with that whole rod for your own back, but really I think he will get better at sleeping by himself. Just some thoughts, hope it helps but you know your baby best, perhaps you've tried some of these ideas before.

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